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Hello all, new member here, and first post.  Last weekend, while browsing a local antique/junk store, I came across a couple of 5114 propane lanterns, and a stove, just laying in their gravel lot.  I offered them 25 dollars for all three, which they accepted.  I cleaned the lanterns up (one is a 5114 B), removed a bit of surface rust, installed new mantles, and they both work great.  The stove however, even after cleaning, could use some paint, and, has a leak.  It is a model 5400A700.  The leak, is on the regulator hose, where the hose connects to the stove fitting.  Is there a way to replace the hose between the regulator, and fitting?  Or, a way to adapt the stove for the newer model 5430 regulators?  And, most importantly, is this stove worth saving?  I've not even tried to light the burners yet, for fear of catching fire at the leak.  I'm not even sure the regulator is working right, because even with the valve turned off, when I connect a tank, the hose still pressurizes.

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I can’t answer your question but welcome from Texas. 
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What Jason said.  Welcome from NC.  Great to have you here on the CCF.
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David is the hose connected with a screw in adapter or a snap on?

if it is a crimped hoseconnector straight to the burners you can get a new hose crimped on at a hydraulic hose place they can crimp one for you.

a picture would help.
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Depending on your NAPA guy, you might be able to convince them to recrimp the existing setup - worst case a new hose and two new collars and an hour's labor cost, oof.

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These are not my images, but, are of the exact same regulator I have.  I really wish I had a way to test the stove first, without putting too much in to it, but, I get a bit nervous with leaking gas.

David Click image for larger version - Name: Coleman regulator 1.jpg, Views: 86, Size: 121.51 KB Click image for larger version - Name: coleman regulator 2.jpg, Views: 85, Size: 115.57 KB
There's really very little to break on the stove itself.  A couple of propane-rated O-rings is about the extent of the likely repair parts list.

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I have the same set up. Actually its the wife's propane stove that she got when we were first going together in 1987. I would be tempted to replace the hose and use  standard hose clamps. I never thought of it as a regulator, just attached to the stove and screwed on a bottle then opened it all the way. It is still attached to a bottle now because the bottle never reset the seal when unscrewed.
C4E7BD57-D7D6-4471-8564-9900E84A650C.jpeg  The image is a little fuzzy, but there should be an "O" ring on the end of the connector.  With the correct "O" ring the connector can be hard to start into the stove - could be what started it's demise and subsequent falling off. Our sponsor has them IIRC. I’ve edited to attach a photo. The two on the left fit the early propane interchangeably, the one one the right fits the later stoves. The sleeve shouldn’t pull back that far but the one far right shows the “O” ring. Just go to a hydraulics repair and they will sell you one to find out if it works, then change it if all is well. I don’t grease of oil my “O” rings but will lube them with spit to get them started. 
And welcome to the forum from Saskatchewan!
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That model propane stove was a good model for Coleman however I've been seeing newer one's with the one-piece metal 'arm' adapter being sold for $20-$25 locally in very good shape, even New In Box at swap meets/flea markets. 

If you really want propane, I'd just get a newer one. And WELCOME to the forum!
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Thanks for the warm welcome, and suggestions so far!  The arrow in this pic (hopefully not as huge as the first two), shows where the leak is.  It leaks even when not connected to the stove.  I can hold the hose straight, inline with the connector, and the leak stops, but, any off axis stress at the crimped joint causes the leak.  The connector does have the o ring in place, and, it appears to be in good condition.

I have noticed, on the regulator, even with the valve turned all the way to "Off", propane still flows to the hose.  Is that normal? Click image for larger version - Name: Coleman regulator leak.jpg, Views: 55, Size: 44.76 KB
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Welcome from Wisconsin. I would use soapy water to find precisely where the leak is. Based on you pic with arrow I suspect you have a cracked fitting.  Fill a container with water, large enough to get the end of the hose in and hold horizontal. hold the black hose and note where the bubbles are coming from, then press the schrader valve, bubbles should then come from the end, not where your arrow indicates. Gas should never come out where your arrow indicates.
But if you think the main valve is not shutting off completely, I'd look for a replacement or replace the stove fittings to use the new style hose and regulators.
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