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Hello everybody. My dad and I are big into hunting and camping and he is an antique lover. Anything that's old and mechanical he somewhat collects, especially if it's still useable. He's somewhat of a lantern collector and has 15-20 old coleman lanterns he's acquired through the years, including a 242B, vietnam era mil-spec, several 220s, a mint 275, and several others. We always swap lanterns out on camping trips to try and use them all (except the 252 goes on every trip because we like the noise it makes). Anyways, I happened across a lady with a 1960 200A and she wanted 25 dollars for it. I figured the globe alone was worth that so i paid her and took it home. Oiled the pump, cleaned out the fount, put mantles on and it fired up. This is the first lantern I've bought because we have so many it dad's fleet, but i can feel the lantern bug biting and now i want more! How common is the 200A and would this one be worth replacing the vent and a little minor restoration work? I don't need it pristine, but I'd like to have it freshened up a bit. 

Also, this looks like a great place to be. Looks to be lots of great information and people on this site.
Welcome.  Nice 200A you have there. If you plan on using it much I wouldn't worry about replacing the vent. As long as its in good working order and clean. I too picked up a 200A for a very similar price a few weeks back.  If you feel the bug biting it may be worth your while to stock up on some cap gaskets, pump leathers, and mantles from OCP. Usually, those 3 parts are all a guy needs to bring an old lantern to life. 
The 200A was made from 1951 to 1983; they're pretty common.  But folks like them.  Should you replace the vent and do some minor restoration?  I wouldn't replace the vent - the one you have looks like it works just fine, but you may have a different opinion.  I'd just clean it up and use it as is.  Nice lantern.
Welcome from SW Missouri. I see your already making excuses for buying lanterns. A 200A is a great one to start with. Yes very common, not greenie common but common none the less. If your planning on using it camping I'd leave the vent alone. Pristine tall vents are cherished. Welcome to the madness, and have fun!
Toby Garner
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I keep a used vent for burning. when it goes back on the shelf I put the new one on.
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Welcome aboard Blake and greetings from western Massachusetts. Happy 30th by the way!
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Welcome from SE CT! Clean it up and keep firing it!
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Welcome from Coastal North Carolina.  Running nice and bright!  That's a good start.
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Clean it up and use it!! 

Don't wax the vent. 

200's are just stinkin cute. 
Hello Blake and here's another warm welcome from NC.  Great to have you here on the CCF and that's a nice 200.
- Courtenay
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Welcome from Colorado!  Big into hunting and camping?  Then that 200A is perfect the way it is.  Sounds like there will be other lanterns in your future.  😄
Welcome to the forum from north Jersey.

You could sink money into that lantern to pretty it up, but will probably spend more than the one in really nice condition you'll run across very soon.  The 200A's are not rare, but as Keith stated,  "200's are just stinkin cute".   I have a few myself.  Well, OK, probably around 25 of them.


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Hello nice to meet you from East Tennessee 

Welcome from Michigan, Blake!

Great stories and memories come from using Coleman's. 

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Welcome from NE Ohio. You and your father had a real good start. Nice 200. Those are great lanterns. 

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Welcome. I'd welcome that lantern in my camp just the way it is.
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Hello there, Blake! Welcome, from western Massachusetts. Your 200A is a good addition to the fleet.

— L.J.
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Great lantern.  Welcome from Kentucky.  
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Welcome from Michigan Blake.

A 200A is rare if you don't have one...And I'm not seeing prices go down on them.
And they are my favorite lantern from about a half century with one with lots of hours on it. And adding some friends to it's stable along the way....Just in case parts might be needed. (Or so they were justified sometimes. )

Looks good and honest the way it is. Do what you want to enhance the cosmetics. It's your lantern.
Purty colors. Well , cept'n maybe that brown when it's on fire...
[welcome], Blake, from Pennsylvania!
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Another welcome from Colorado!

If you plan to take it to hunting camp and rely on it, I'd make sure it is rock solid from to start-up through several hours of use whether that means simply flushing the fount with fresh fuel and adding a new mantle, or a complete tear down to clean the F/A tube and check valve.

If it works great with hardly no flare-up when you light it, no leaks at the valve stem packing after 20 minutes of running, and it passes the check valve test, wash it, wax the fount (but never the vent!), and start using it. Enjoy!
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Hi Blake and welcome from Western Mass. That is a nice 200A. I have a few my self and love running them. I agree with the crew and if you plane on running this lantern i would leave the vent as is, just do a cleaning replace cap gasket and keep the pump oiled. You will be good to go. Maybe find a better vent and swap it out when you take it camping and use the clean one when you display it? ðŸ˜ 
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