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Thanks for allowing me to join. 
Ive had this lamp for a long time and recently it surfaced from my storage 
Just after some information about my Sun Vapor Lamp. I know it’s late 1800s but is it for inside the house or outside etc. Also an approximate idea of its value as well. Looking forward to your responses 
G Edwards
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G Edwards
That is a nice lamp Greg! Welcome from western Massachusetts. I’m sure the pros here on the forum will be happy to help you out. 
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steve p
  1. Nice old  gravity lamp. The ones I've seen were all gasoline lamps.  They don't put out much light but still worth collecting. The stensiling  is in great condition.  As for value, giving price estimates is not allowed here. You could check out auction sites for similar lamps.

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Welcome aboard Greg.  Interesting lamp you have there.  This thread may be of interest.
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Hi Greg,

Nice Sun Vapor lamp from around beginning of 1900,s! Attached you find a catalogue image from
the Sun Vapor 1905 catalogue. Value without chimney and petticoat shade not that much.
The value is what someone is willing to offer in a given situation. I may be interested,
look out for a PM !


Hello and welcome to the CCF, Greg.  Great to have you here.
- Courtenay
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