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58A37F49-06ED-4B4D-AE45-03749D56406A.jpeg  71D07333-C6E6-4D60-AAAA-53B529E508F2.jpeg  My neighbor has a couple of kerosene lanterns that she is wanting to do some trading with me. I don’t know anything about them. Can anyone help me figure out what they are and what are they worth. I am attaching the pictures that I have of them. 
Milspec Ops #0723
Milspec Ops #0723
Milspec Ops #0723
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Well that’s your standard trail road lantern. You could probably trade it for a nice 220k and it’d be fair
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Those are nice, Hoss.  I really like the Sunny Side Mining Company.  Sorry, I’m not up on kero lanterns that much to offer any advice.
The mining lantern is a Davy lantern. Designed by Sir Humphrey Davy, they're explosion proof, which saved thousands of lives. The height of the flame indicates how much O2 is in the air to let you know if you just wandered into a pocket of no oxygen.

It's a keeper!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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I know we are not supposed to give values on here but I can say where I live I can pick up at least 6 nice 220f for the same price as those safety lanterns sell for. Probably 4 220f or better for the adlake, but maybe less since it's not stamped for a specific railroad, but that one is in nice shape. Common coleman stuff is normally really cheap here, railroad, farm or mining stuff goes for way more. That feels so vague.

I think what it really comes down to is will she be happy with the trade. If shes not looking for cash and both leave happy that's what matters.

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Railroad lanterns are one of the very few instances where condition is not quite as important as branding. Your Adams and Westlake railroad lanterns we’re normally purchased by each rail Road in bulk, and the company(Adlake),  stamped the railroads initials on them, often times etching the glass on the globes as well. You can still go to the Adams and Westlake website and purchase a brand new Adlake lantern and have them stamp your favorite railroad name on them and also etch the glass. They are really not that expensive.  Rail road or railway stampings on the Adlake lanterns Will determine the value. Railroad conductors and Gandy dancers used kerosene lanterns up through the 1970s so some of the ones you can find are really not that old at all. You need to be careful because Adlake generally did not stamp the date of manufacture on their lanterns like Coleman does. Union pacific being the most worthless lantern out there. I know, because I have two of them..
good luck on the hunt for your favorite treasure.
Not looking for anything. I have too much already, my wife says. 
I personally have not run across one with the Fresnel lens yet, so that would be very desirable to me.  Around my area, antique stores generally want $45 to $75 for a RR lantern.  The flea market generally gets at least $20. 

The miner's lantern doesn't look right from that picture of the chimney.  It seems cocked.  Perhaps it's missing the asbestos gaskets at the top and bottom.  Also, no number stamped on the badge makes me a little suspicious.  A miner here explained that the serial numbers were assigned to the miner that carried the lantern, so if there was an explosion, they could identify the body by that number.    

See how the base is removed for filling.  Early ones screwed on, later ones used a magnetic key, and I don't know about other variations.   Most were kero lamps, but late ones were CF lamps.   If you get it, I suggest that you don't polish it.  Since miner's lanterns are still made, removing that patina will just make it look like an off the shelf new one.  Also note that some are sold as decorations.  I don't know who imported them or if the decorative ones were all smaller, but the one I saw was around three inches shorter and likely sold by a place such as Pier 1 Imports.  I think it was still functional, just not authentic.

Edit:   I'd approach them as both being desirable.  Since this is a neighbor, you're likely on pretty good terms already.  See what she would like in trade.  If you can both live with the deal, it's a win-win.  You can then sell me the RR lantern for a good price.  🙂


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When I saw that mining light, I flashed back to my days exploring Eureka, Colorado. 

I wonder if there’s a connection to the Sunnyside mine. 


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