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Found an external pump this week end that I've never seen before.

DSC01480.jpg  Shown here next to a ruler and an iron pump for comparison.

DSC01483.jpg  As you can see the pump tip is threaded on to the tube and the tip is threaded as well.  I have one other pump with a threaded tip but it doesn't look like this one.  I think it was made by AGM.

DSC01484.jpg  The leather and other parts look right for a lantern pump.

DSC01487.jpg  The OD of the barrel is 1 1/4 inches.  Is this an old GPA pump?  Or was it made for something else.  The seller had it marked as a grease gun.

Thanks for looking,

The pump handle looks to be Akron. 
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Terry Marsh has it on his site.  National Stamping & Electric Works, made in the 1950's.  Steel cap with a copper (?) body.  The top one is 6 1/16" long and 1 1/4" diameter.
Top one is a pretty good match for yours.

Terry Marsh photo.
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Thanks for the information!

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