200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Getting ready for the southwest gathering and i decided to get some long term projects running this afternoon. My 220b - 228b - and one of my 202's the 202 is an 8/54 don't know what the dates are on the 220 or 228. Cleaned the founts out. Just rinsed out with CF. Replaced pump cups on 220 and 228. Replaced all 3 fuel cap gaskets-removed and cleaned check valves. Claened out gennys. Reassembled all 3 and leak tested. Add fuel and tied on some mantles and all 3 lite up easily. It's scary how easy (sometimes) that these thing work. Not much stuff that is 50 and 80-90 years old still works this good. They will get a FFR later this year.
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You can not have too many unless your wife says so!!

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Coleman blues 243 #147
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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
Leviticus Tomethreus
Lookin nice. I bet it’ll be 30 years before I find a 202.
My friends don’t call me “Lantern/lampie Levi”
for nothin’,if they did call me that.

Looking for bday lanterns 8/38, 8/41, 
10/25, and 8/07

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Lookin nice. I bet it’ll be 30 years before I find a 202.

Don't be so sure, I've been in this for six years and got two 202s, one was given to me by an acquaintance who knows I like these things, and I've gotten to appraise a presentation 202 as well.

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Wanted: GPA dated 5/89 (Red 286?  Black Powerhouse? 508? Early Unleadeds? Canadian things? I'll settle for a propane job at this point) Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster bowls and accessories, Ruby-cased 10in lamp shade, 7D Mag-lite
Not sure how I missed this yesterday... Good to see those old-timers up and running again Shawn! Well done ðŸ‘
Toby Garner
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Nice line-up. Those make for a good lookin’ (and bright 🙂) trio! 

— L.J.
Looking for 10/2015 & 1/2020 B-Day Lanterns
I love the smell of naphtha in the morning!
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Now all you need is a rattlesnake skin painted fount!  Sort of like the Colac finish on lamps, only better!

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