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Hi all... A bit tongue in cheek.....
I dont have "before" pictures, It was a trailer, a couple of boards, a roof top tent, a few bibs & bobs I has lying around and an idea cooked up at 02:00 in the morning...

Pretty hard to take a photo of an idea.....

But here are the "after" pictures.... <on my previous Landy a 90 Td5> With ARB rear locker..... Awesome vehicle

According to my son, it's the ugliest "trailer" he's ever set eyes on.....

In the grasslands....
The roof top tent is bolted open... Stay's up, while towing.......Stop, zip up, jump in, sleep...
rough and ready.jpg 

Off side
Trailer configured for roadside stop-over at 45 deg from the inside  i.jpg 

Driver's side
Trailer configured for roadside stop-over at 45 deg from the outside.jpg 

At my favorite dam... There is a story to be told about this pic...
Trailer configured for tow tent up near side rear.jpg 

Rear quarter, driver's sideTrailer first photo near side rear.jpg 

Drivers side
Trailer first photo near side.jpg 

Off side
Trailer first photo off side.jpg 

bloem 2016 pitch sleeping quarters ready for insp.jpg 
I'm nutz
That's awesome ! 
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I'm impressed. I saw a factory made rig not sure what brand but it was a safari style rig like a Swiss army knife of a trailer/tent/kitchen rig. Everything in it or on it. Tent on top, pull ladder up nighty nite. Looked into it, but not easy to come by or cheap. 

Some call that boon-docking here. We're a bit spoiled by our 30' air conditioned Airstream. 

Nice setup.

Gary, self acclaimed Cast Iron Camp Cook & Tinkerer.
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Nice tidy rig!  At your latitude, what is the camping "season" ?  
steve p
That's very nicely done!  Looks plenty comfy inside too. 

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Morning everyone
Thanks ! Was a South of on the worried side to post that.... being tongue-in-cheek !

@ GC in SC: - Favorite Utube channels are about van life... slim potatohead / cheap rv living / vancitylife and so on....
Although I use <as my son said> "butt-ugly" to go static camping, I changed from the 90 Landy <which is too short to sleep inside> to my Disco because I wanted to emulate a cab-over camper for exactly that: - boondocking & stealth camping.... In my introductory post JUST BULL / new "arrival" from South Africa I did a series of posts on the layout of my roving rig.

Here is a pic I posted there...: - Stealth / Boondocking in the Southern Drakensberg - Eastern Cape mountains... Sunrise & hot chockolate.....
TTT boondocking re sized DSCN2552.jpg 

@ Ausin: - One thing about this Tiddley piece of real estate called South Africa..... Bitterly cold is 12 Deg C.... So take your pic 😃
Cold camping's at 12 Deg C Hot camping can be at 40 Deg C Also depends where you are Cape & the Eastern Cape are cool in June July, and the pic below shows Tiffendale, the only ski resort in South Africa (on the South Eastern Lesotho - SA border in December...

I kid you not.... That down there is a Ski resort 😂... For them Scot's here, the bigger lake is called "Loch-Ness"....DSCN2546.jpg 

Getting there.....
Now that's an entirely different kettle of fish altogether

@Dego@ Steve P: - Comfortable it is.... I use it for static, remote, OTG <off the grid> camping... Here in the 15 - 20 day adventure, Once I've set camp it's really a substantial pitch 

I have 3 layers of waterproof canvas above me <the 5m x5m army tent; the fly-sheet for the camper and the roof-top-tent.... and I'm not sleeping on the ground. I'm not fussed about a groundsheet, everything's off the ground, what's on the grond is in waterproof bags and it don't matter anyhow.... Let the water come & go....
bloem 2016 pitch  RTT under an army tent.jpg 

Don't get bettern this...20Km from the next fella

bloem 2016 pitch from the water.jpg 

Scruffy... My Chief in charge of security..... 😃

bloem 2016 pitch inside.jpg 

I stripped off all the straps & hooks off the canvas sides of the tent and used them to make sides for the tent out of 80% shadenet.... much cooler, and like I said I'm not fussed about a bit of wet if the rain comes..... And it does.... See next pic....
Here it was in the 35 - 40 Deg C range so I just dropped the sides all the way to the ground....
That 5 x 5 roof.... I put that up on my own.... Easy-peasy

bloem 2016 pitch shadenet sides all the way down.jpg 

3 day's on the trot of this....... See how the wind pushes the water's edge so close to my pitch...... Aaaaaaa........ a good book, left-over-supper, a warm dry bed, and a bottle to pee in.... what else could a fella want....

bloem 2016 rain did it rain.jpg 

I'm nutz
I really like that canvas caravan! I'd be happy with something like that myself, and the way you set it up with everything else makes for quite the nice camp setup.
"What else could a fella want?", you say...I'd say "Nothing, you thought of it all..."
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