200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Ridge Runner
Last weekend I got a text from my neighbor while he was up in Maine at his cabin. He says he found this Coleman lantern at a tag sale and was wondering if I was interested in it. The seller wants $40 but knows they would to let it go for less. The pics followed a moment later and I was like ooh yes!

Well, he dropped it off to me yesterday, ended up trading a Jackson for it. I have a great neighbor!


Most everything looks right for a 10-'62 202 Professional. If I'm not mistaken, this year should have a red arched Pyrex globe. Also, it will need a direction disk w/proper screw.

The vent only has the one chip in the porcelain.

IMG_5890.jpg IMG_5891.jpg 

Burner frame and vent stud bracket is all stainless. I thought the burner cap would be steel for this date, per the Guide, but this one is brass.


I had to clean some of the verdigris off to see the month date stamp.


All brass and nickel fount, "B" stamp on the brass base plate. I read a little tid-bit from a post by Mr. Delcoro that these founts were assembled in Toronto.


The fuel cap was seized on but after a little teasing with the torch it came right off. Surprise! No rust in this fount! 'Though there was some nasty smelling fuel in there, but a good bowel flush should get past that.

I gave the nickel some attention with Mother's M&A and 4/0 steel wool just to see what was hiding underneath. I think it has potential.


Man, I really figured it would be a long time before adding one of these to my collection. Might have to move this one up the fettle queue!

Happy Friday, and thanks for looking!

— L.J.
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SWEET! Super nice neighbor. 

Kansas John

Super score!  [Smilie5]


Is that disc black or does it have a green tint to it?  I have had 6 or so over the last few years, still have two, and all had a knob that showed green when I held a flashlight on it.  

John M. Lawrence, KS
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Ridge Runner
John, I’ll take a take a closer look and let ya know!

— L.J.
Looking for 10/2015 & 1/2020 B-Day Lanterns
I love the smell of naphtha in the morning!
"Ain’t no need to watch where I’m goin’; just need to know where I’ve been" -Tow Mater

Great neighbor, awesome score!
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Nice score! Great neighbor!
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Nice snag
Very nice!


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Nice score L.J.
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A nice original lantern. Good one.
That'll clean up great L.J.!! Looking forward to it. Nice score ðŸ‘
Toby Garner
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I am not familiar with that lantern hut it certainly looks nice.  Man, I love nickle!!!
Searching for a 8 72 lantern and/or 2 68.....
Very nice LJ, I’m glad Dalton grabbed it for you. She sure looks like it will clean up nicely. Nice score for your collection. 
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GREAT score!
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Ridge Runner
Thanks fellas! My neighbor will probably make out in the end. He calls me for electrical work every once in a while. Easy stuff mostly, but I don’t charge him anything either.

Ok, so normally I’d hose down the fount with oven cleaner to cut the crud. BUT, this one has a decal... 🤔

I could certainly be more ginger with the spray, cover the decal, or apply the oven cleaner with an applicator type thing...

How do I not destroy the original decal? Any pointers?

@Kansas John I shined a flashlight at the “black” valve knob and sure enough it has a green hue to it. Naturally, after seeing that I had to go light up all the other black knobs on my other lanterns.

I was surprised to see the variety of colors that that popped out! They ranged from black to brown to green then back to black on the later models like my K’s.

— L.J.
Looking for 10/2015 & 1/2020 B-Day Lanterns
I love the smell of naphtha in the morning!
"Ain’t no need to watch where I’m goin’; just need to know where I’ve been" -Tow Mater


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