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I bought my cousin's lantern about 6 months ago or so. I attended his funeral today (Sam R.). He was also my uncle. Maternal cousin on my mother''s side married my dad's sister. The funeral was a nice public funeral, no social distancing and no masks were worn. Sam R died of COVID-19. Probably many more people will die because of the way that funeral was run. I have been burning his lantern in the afternoons this week as I vape & drink. 

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I’m saddened to here of your cousin’s passing. Think of him when ever you light his lantern. Condolences for you and his family. 
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Sorry to hear about your cousin.  One of our neighbors passed two months ago, no funeral,  the family is going to have a memorial when things get back to normal.  
Fire up that lantern and remember the good times you had with him.  That's what makes heirloom lantern the best.
Sorry to hear of your cousins passing. .  good to see his lantern burning bright. 
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Sorry to hear Moses. This will be a special one now. 
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Sorry for your loss Moses. That CLX will be special. 
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Dang shame he passed. 

People won't learn either.
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Sorry for your loss.
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Sorry for your loss Moses. It’s nice you have an item that he touched and used to bring back memories of him. 

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Moses, I am truly sorry to know of your loss; I sure hope those at the funeral don't learn the hard way.
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My condolences to your family. Life is short... Burn lanterns....

Let it burn....        
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