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  • First - I know it’s Sistine, I just love that joke. “What about the other 15?!”

    Second, and the reason for this post. I picked up two mil-spec lanterns, 80’s SMP. It would appear they were painted over, twice. Once in red, then back to an army green. UNLESS they were like this factory (doesn’t appear so, but I don’t want to assume). Any tips for getting the paint off to get to the original? Or if the red is some sort of undercoating. It just looks too haphazard to be.

    One survived the floods of eastern Nebraska last year, I’ve attached photos. This one I may just keep as “clean” as I can get it as it has some character, a soul if you will. 

    Also, my dog with a 228E (wrong vent, I know, but it was a good deal, and I have a 228 tall vent on the way, don’t judge!)

I've gone through a handful of milspecs and have never seen a red undercoating but I'm not an expert on them.  I've done very few full repaints over the years.  I've gotten to where I like the "character" of the use/abuse the lantern has gone through.

Rub the old paint with den. alcohol and a cloth. It does remove it little by little if  you keep watch as you go. 
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try lacquer thinner and a cotton rag. That is what I used on this one that was painted with some kind of gold paint.
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I think the engineers painted theirs red. It probably got rotated back and forth to different units.. 

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I thought red was for artillery???
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