200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
Looking at this and wondering what exactly it is, the seller not sure. 

It has unleaded gas in the tank now, but the tank is red, so must not be dual fuel, correct ?

Of course the seller says the fuel is fresh, but might be fresh from a can in the barn filled a long time ago.

Pictures? Link?
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You can run unleaded gas in the red tank. The generator will just clog up faster. Not a huge deal, just clean/replace the gen. 3 burners are difficult to find around here so I wouldn’t let that keep me from buying it if it’s a nice stove priced right. 
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It can be cleaned up. I had a 413 gummed up with black goo from RUG. It's a runner now. 
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Got it bought, it's a 426G model that actually was only ran on Coleman fuel, the seller was confused that it was a dual fuel model.

Gave it a scrub with simple green and it is good to go.  Looked like only the main burner was used, and lightly.

Good trading stock or runner.
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