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Continuing my section kayaking the Mississippi.  Last year I did 470 miles from the source at Lake Itasca to the twin cities. 
Here are some of the photos and thoughts of my trip from St Paul to Winona MN last week, about 100 miles.  Due to my screwup, started out on Sunday  instead of the Saturday as originally intended.  I had plenty of time to do this, so I did not push too hard.
Missippi 1A.jpg  Missippi 1B.jpg 
Heading out
DSCN7453.jpg  DSCN7455.jpg 
Going through Lock2
The gates of Mordor opening
I would find a place along the river to camp every night.  This is the 1st night, just below Lock 2
Approaching Hasting MN
Lots of barges on the river
DSCN7463.jpg  DSCN7464.jpg 
Marinas, resorts, and hotels 
Meals are usually quite simple, boiling some sausages here. Using the old boy scout wooden pot hanger trick,
The channel is marked by red and green buoys.  It made navigating very easy.  I usually stayed to one side of the channel to avoid speed boat and barge wake.
DSCN7472.jpg  DSCN7476.jpg 
Lots of eagles, this guy took off just as I snapped the photo. What a wonderous bird is the pelican, for his beak can hold more than it's belly can.
DSCN7483.jpg  DSCN7486.jpg 
All the CA wildfires are giving us spectacular sunsets.  This is at my campsite on the south end of lake Pepin
Wabasha MN, Home of grumpy old men.  I stopped here for lunch, and everybody I met was not grumpy at all.
DSCN7494.jpg  DSCN7495.jpg 
This campsite came with a rope swing.  Challenge accepted.  Water was deep.
DSCN7496.jpg  DSCN7500.jpg 
Scenery along the way.   I believe these sand dune island are the result of dredging.  This part of the country has bluffs along the river.
Went through Lock 5 all by myself.  I brought a marine band radio along to communicate with the lock master.  Once I had to wait for 2 hours for a barge to get through.  Commercial traffic has priority. There is a barge coming up from the south in site as soon as the gates opened
Winona in sight!
Missippi 1.jpg
Arrival in Winona.  My wife, daughter, and a few friends were there to pick me up.  Loaded up everything, the  had a picnic in the local park before driving home.  That it for this year. Beautiful weather with only 2 rainy nights.  I originally had intended to go to Missouri in June before the world went crazy, pandemics, riots, etc.  Maybe next year will do Winona to Hannibal Missouri.  Sam Clemens was the inspiration for these trips.

Oh man, what an adventure!!
Bob    ICCC #1574
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That is awesome ! The sights and experience must have been incredible.  
Looking for Bday lanterns, 10/83, 11/84 and 10/2011.
Milspec Syndicate member #1020 
Very enjoyable post!  Looking forward to your next year's segment.
Mister Wilson
Glad everything went well.  Great trip!  Thanks for sharing with us.
H.C. Lanterns dealer
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There's been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about.
Very cool trip and great photos.  That's a tiny boat on such a large river.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
I see that you put in at Lions Levey in St Paul Park. Its a nice Launch ramp and is close to the main channel. It too bad that I wasn't aware that you were traveling through the area. I would have suggested a slight detour that would actually cut off some distance. Just south of St Paul Park is the community of Grey Cloud Island, where I grew up. The river main channel makes a series of wide bends around Grey Cloud Island(s). Grey Cloud Island is actually two main islands, Upper and Lower Grey Cloud, there are also many smaller islands included. Only Upper and Lower Grey Cloud Islands are inhabited. 

The Grey Cloud Island slough has been re opened after being closed up, at the head end of island, since the 1965 flood. There is a navigable channel that passes between the island(s) and the main land. This is a much straighter course than the main channel takes. It is also very beautiful and protected from all the traffic on the main channel. You would have passed by the house I grew up.

We may have passed each other on the river that Sunday. I remember a kayak locking down through Hastings on our return trip up to St. Paul Park. My wife and I were in a green 1969 Starcraft runabout with the image of Swee' Pea on the bow.

You had good weather last week, this week is hot and muggy. How was your trip through Lake Pepin? If the wind blows strong from the south it can get pretty rough. The bluff country you passed through is some of the most beautiful areas of southern Minnesota and Wisconsin. There are many rivers and streams that contribute to river throughout that area and they have carved valleys that proceed from the Mississippi into the interior, creating innumerable vistas and interesting rock outcroppings, not to mention the beautiful farms and fields. You may not have had the opportunity to see this from your vantage point in the river.

Best of luck on your continuing journey down Old Muddy. 

Burning all the fossil fuel I can afford, because it's still legal!
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I'm impressed that you recognized Lions Levey Park from those few pictures.  Sorry I don't recall seeing Swee Pea, but there was a whole lota boats out there. I spent a lot of time trying to deal with their wakes. Pepin was indeed windy, but I've been in worse.  Hugged the Wisconsin side, stopped for a few hours at Stockholm, I got family there. Absolutely beautiful country.  Someday I will take my fishing boat that way with the boss, we will indeed take the Grey Cloud Island route you suggested.
Yosemite John
Thank you for "taking us along" on your marvelous adventure!😁
A Happy Camper

You are a brave soul - a solo river trip on "old man river".
Bruce Sheehe
ICCC #889 - Connoisseur of Time, Friends, Leisure, & Coleman   Altoona, PA - The Mountain City - Near The Eastern USA Continental Divide
great trip and scenery. i have a ocean kayak with a bulbous bow that is great at taking waves and boat wakes. i thought i was done one day as 2 speed boats closed in on me and turned at the last minute but their wakes combined into a giant wave headed right for me so i put my paddle up in front on top of my lap and thought i am going over but it rode it out great.
Been thinking and reading about that trip for about 10 years. Might be something I could do when I retire . . . maybe. Looks nice. Thanks for sharing. A bit jealous!
"Don't let the weather run your life" - Steve
The Coleman Blues - #95
Fedoras' off to you lad. Locks were an ingenious idea. If you Huck Finn it all the way to Old River Control one day, well, you know. Spent time in my youth on a wide canal in the woods and did some Tom Sawyerin' with a log raft and a pole in the mud for 2 miles up and down. Went through the Pine Creek Gorge 17 miles with my 3 sons and 2 canoes after 30 Miles backpacking the West Rim Trail last late May. 7 nights no phone. Landing at Blackwell an older flyfisherman said don't turn on the news. Anyway the gorge is a hey day of a geology lesson. Mississippi roll on...
275synd#77.John                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Central Bucks County, Penna.    

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