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I have been using the 426B with the oven I found. Originally I planned on using it with a 426D. The D is in really good shape and when I placed the oven on the center burner I noticed that the back of the oven came really close to the sticker on the lid. Is there any issue with melting the sticker when you can't get the lid out of the way? I don't want to mess up an otherwise great stove.

This 413G was my $5 entry into this Coleman world. It was a mess when I got it. I took the guts out, cleaned painted and replaced. It runs good and it quickly burned the paint off the burners😷. Other than being my first Coleman, it has no sentimental value. It was a learner and is now a user. The case has a decent amount of rust in spots. I was thinking of removing the rust and just covering those spots with the Rusto green spray paint. Not looking to do a full case restore just get rid of the rust. Thoughts?

20200623_225625.jpg  I saw the thread about the 426 stove grates. Have these or others like the 500 ever been repro'd? I don't have the skills and looks may be deceiving but it looks like you could make them without too much trouble. 

Those who know better, is this just my skills ignorance or would the cost not be practical even if that was the only thing you were missing? Thank you for the replies.
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I feared the same issue. I have had good luck by folding a piece of foil over the stove lid that covers the sticker.  No issues yet...
What I usually do in the situation you describe is disassemble, bust the rust and smooth out the metal as much as possible, wipe it down with alcohol and hit it with some rattle can paint.  Somewhere on this site there is a post that'll tell you what brand and color will be the best match.
I would do what Steve said.  You don't need factory fresh perfection for a user that has no sentimental value.  Way too much work.

Just do what Steve said.  For paint, use Rustoleum gloss Hunter Green. Nobody has reproduced the grates AFAIK.   I am sure it's not cost effective with cost of materials and equipment plus time involved to build a jig, cut and bend the wire, spot weld, and nickle plate or otherwise finish.  Much easier to buy another $5 stove just for the grate, even though that approach is an anathema to all us collectors/accumulators.
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