200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
These are two milspecs, 1952 on the left (can you hear it roar?) and a 1973 that I've just reassembled after a deep cleaning, including eliminating rust in the fount. 

As you can see the 73 doesn't perform. It does nothing but sit there and never gets bright. Under pressure and with the generator off it spits fuel, so it's getting that far. It wouldn't fire at all before the rebuild. I'm soaking the generator now in denatured alcohol. 

Am I on the right track? Are generators still available for my milspec? I want this to be my go to lantern, but it's being out performed. Its paint is rough and the name 'Butch' is etched/engraved  on the fount. 

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fuel brained
First exchange the gen from the working lantern to see if it is the f/a tube is blocked. You might need to do a full tear down and clean.
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If it does turn out that the gen is bad our host has them for $10.00.


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I agree with swapping the Gen first. If no results, try swapping the burner frame. They have a factory installed plug in one of the air tubes. Some of these run great with one side plugged, and some run great with the plug removed. I have examples set up both ways. Another thing that affects the way they burn is how far the generator goes into the hole in the frame. Another common problem on the SMP versions is a small brass shaving right above the burner cap from the threading process. I've had 3 so far that had that sliver, and they didn't run well at all until that was removed.
Oh that's interesting. Thanks Rob. They hum right along in factory state with ond airtube plugged. 
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