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Jay C B
The mica on the chimney on my Akron 103 that I just got running again appears to be delaminating on the edges where the two sheets overlap in the middle such that removal and reinstallation snags the protruding pieces. 

Could super glue or other adhesive secure these edges and take the heat without failing or discoloring?

I could get a Kuntz replica but this one appears original and I’d like to keep it in running order. 

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Give it a try on the chipping panels. You might get some white "dusting" like on glass but that should rub off. Not sure if it will discolour as lots use it on glass globes with cracks and nobody mentions it browning.

The panels, while fidgety, are not impossible to replace. Fred or a lighting/stove shop that sells mica panels should be able to get what you need. Trim with sharp scissors to size, gently pry open the frames and insert. I've rebuilt several chimneys with torn panels that way. Just pick a night when your patience is good!

AGM chimneys have brass frames IIRC, so they should pry open easily for re&re of the panels.

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>>Not sure if it will discolour as lots use it on glass globes with cracks and nobody mentions it browning.

It has been reported by others that it will discolor on glass if you don’t use a razor to scrape off the excess.  I scrape off the excess and haven’t encountered discoloring.  I don’t know if you could safely remove excess super glue from mica without scratching it.


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