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found my Christmas present this morning - my local "seconds to go" junk store yielded this nice little perfection heater with the glass center.  glass had so much soot on the inside at first I didn't think it was glass, but as you can see it cleaned up rather nicely.  green porcelain on the top and bottom in very nice condition.  the little triangle which normally has a model number like "530" on it, this one has 1690.

IMG_0001.jpg  IMG_0002.jpg  IMG_0003.jpg 
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Nice score! I think I'm needing one of those. 

Wow, I like that color combo, Robert. Great score!..campinut..
Like a moth at night, I am attracted to the light!..7/7/1964...Russ, from Missouri..
I agree with Alex I need one too. Alex find mine first ok thx
Nice Christmas present.  That's a beauty!


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

I've missed you!  But I'm reloading.
Very nice!


I've seen a couple at yard/estate sales for ridiculous prices, and not anywhere as nice as that one.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Very nice Robert, New Hampshire should permit many an evening enjoying your spectacular find!!
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Very nice score! 
Be careful with that glass. That's the old original style and hard to come by.  The one with flame pattern and the triangle is more common 
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That’s a great one to score. 👍

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That looks awesome! A most enjoyable heater, almost like having an indoor campfire.
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I thought there was something different about this stove and I definitely liked the globe.  when I read nighthawks post it all came back to me.  I had one of the newer ones with the other glass with the flames and triangle, this one has a much higher cool factor!  anyone have any idea what date range this stove would have been made?  I can't find any info on this particular model.
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Great score. I love the firelight heaters. That globe is the one that I would like to find. All of mine have the newer flamed globe.
Quick Cal
What a beauty. I have 3 now. But I'm after one like like too,,,lol.
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How can you not just sit and stare at that, it’s very cool, er, hot!! Congratulations 🙂

— L.J.
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I love the smell of naphtha in the morning!
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Lovely little heater. Not sure about this model but, the one I have never puts off any kero smell while running. Hopefully yours doesn’t either. It’s like a really huge lantern. Definitely a awesome Christmas present 👍🏻👍🏻

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Wow, great heater.  I have two of the later ones, one that is black inside like yours was.  I found it at a junk mall, cheap because you could not tell that it was a Firelight.  The other one is still in its working cloths but it works well.  Nice score.

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Very cool. I love the glass on that thing.
Jamie oren
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We are experiencing winter here in south east AZ, lows in the mid 20's. Our Perfection 750 is cooking from pre-dawn till the sun is pretty high in the sky! Glad we bought a ridiculous amount of TS Kerosene!
Great deal on your find!

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