200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

I had some time to work on the hand wheels. Progress is good. made a couple more. IMG_3629__1563410116_66347.jpg 
IMG_3631__1563410277_64301.jpg      shaft end rough.

IMG_3630__1563410180_71257.jpg  Drilled approx 3/16" back side . Valve shaft is square at wheel end. Cleaned up a bit.

Old ugly thing unsoldered. New wheel epoxied in, tried standard epoxy...no good...permatex 2 part steel weld....VERY good and solid after cure.

IMG_3633__1563410431_28831__1563410431_62407.jpg  IMG_3634__1563411248_82458.jpg 
Anybody know what to use to die the resin a desired color?...I am sure paint will not last.
  Will be doing some minor improvements in the future.
 Enjoy, now off to the gathering.
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