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There are two kinds of us, those who have gotten ahold of a sweet GPA with a compromised fount, and those who soon will. Well, count me in the former category. (And not for the first time either. Those of you who know me will remember my Petromax misadventures and the chandelier that everyone else let go.) I decided I wanted to save this one though, mostly to see if I could pull it off.
IMG_20200810_170438274.jpg  IMG_20200811_145159579.jpg 
Yeah. That's right. That lantern that the seasoned collector would take one look and set it down gingerly and run away as quick as they could? I just went and created it. Please take note, I know how to do this. I checked it for leaks at well above the pressure I'll ever operate it:
I went back and chased little fizzlers a dozen times. And I feel it up for wetness every time I pick it up. And I will never turn my back on it while it's running. 
So, what lantern is so great that I felt it necessary to put this much effort into?
Just an old Nulite..  I said, I did it mostly to see if I could. I may yet want a sound fount. Especially if I want to build a Giant... Thanks for looking!

Chautauqua County, New York
Slant Saver [svg] Frank MakerNew York State Route 5 marker

Wanted: GPA dated 5/89 (Red 286?  Black Powerhouse? 508? Early Unleadeds? Canadian things? I'll settle for a propane job at this point) Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster bowls and accessories, Ruby-cased 10in lamp shade, 7D Mag-lite
 Very cool 
James sizemore
milspec syndicate #1941
slant savers #68
quicklite crew#43
" I said, I did it mostly to see if I could."

Well, why not, especially when a "could" might turn into a "did".
Well, I think it is great.  If there ever is a little mishap with it, only you have to know!
Good job! I would do it myself if I had one worth doing it to... So far my hard to gets have been fine thankfully. 
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
Well done, Will.  If anyone could do this, it would be you....
Bill Sheehy, aka Merlotrin P.M.      ICCC #1390      eBay handle: wtspe
Coleman 275 Appreciation Syndicate #24  /  Mil-Spec Ops, Bernz-o-Matic, and Sears Syndicates #58
Looking for birthday lanterns dated 4/33, 9/33 & 7/86


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