200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Not a fan of the sketchy match up through the hole technique.
The flint coleman igniters are unpredictable. 

Anyone have better techniques?  Long matches?

I'm thinking of using a piezoelectric with wires that run up under the mantles. on my  powerhouse 290s. Not pretty but functional? 

Open to ideas and ridicule. 
Bodi Tunheim
Crater Eddie
I salvaged the Piezo from an empty bbq lighter, mounted a knob on each end.  The wires were already long enough to go through the hole and up to the mantles.  I rarely use matches any more.  I use it to light my stoves too.
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Small butane torches work great and you won't burn your hands lighting a stubborn lantern like you would with a regular Bic lighter. I use that or else I use a Zippo lighter but I also typically take the vent and globe off in case it flares up so I have less cleaning to do after.

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 Anyone have a 6/95 birthday lantern?
On instant lighting lanterns I open 1/4 turn till it spits, then flick a bic. On quicklites I use my butane torch through the Mica to preheat the gen maybe ten seconds if that, then crack the valve. 

Here's my torch I use
Toby Garner
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I use a bernzomatic flexible butane.
Get it spittin good, turn it off and stick the torch to it
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I generally just remove the vent and globe to light.  For lanterns that like to flare up upon lighting, it keeps the globe clean.


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

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I take the vent and globe off strike a match preheat the Genny just a little bit crack the valve and poof lights right up with no drama.
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Gas is what you use for washing parts diesel is for making power!

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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
Tigerfans2 wrote:
I use a bernzomatic flexible butane.
Get it spittin good, turn it off and stick the torch to it

I use the same one. But I give the generator a little pre heat every on the newer ones. Then I open the fuel. No fire balls or pops that blow out mantles. 

Works for me.
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The DollarTree store has Bic looking lighters with a ~1.5" snout that fits in the lantern frame lighting hole ok. They are at the checkout lane with the other regular lighters. They are not refillable.
I use a Bic lighter as well.  To light a propane torch.  After I remove the vent and globe.  That’s just me.  😄
Thanks for the advice.
I didn't know about preheating the generator.
I thought I was the only one who removed the globe and ventilator.  Anyone permanently attach a piezo lantern?
Bodi Tunheim
I use whatever is handy
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Ditto on removing the vent and globe.  I think the whole process of getting the lantern ready to light adds to the fun of having these GPAs.  Unless it was something I used very often, having an electric ignition method detracts from the nostalgia of the hobby. Just my 2 cents 😊.  On another note, the flint sparkers I had on a few lanterns worked pretty well for me.  
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I use the flint sparkies on all of my lanterns except kero's and QL's. On my mil-specs too. No issues here.
I'm in the butane torch camp
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I'm in the same camp as Rustytank. I use what ever is handy. A match, a lighter, sparkers... I have even used thin burning sticks from a fire.

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