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Hi everyone,

I found this cooler on the side of the road and would like to somewhat restore it.
its Canadian made with a "72" stamped on the bottom. From looking online and comparing I know my cooler is missing the tray and I believe my cooler is missing the inside lid plastic covering? Right now the lid has the Styrofoam and that is it. Pics included. Anyone know if this is how it is supposed to be or do I need to start hunting for a plastic piece?  Also any info about the cooler would be appreciated.



Yes there should a plastic piece on the underside of the lid. That plastic piece frequently has chips broken it out of it. That could be why it was discarded. 

Finding that plastic piece will be much easier than trying to find the plastic tray. I have seen very few with that tray. I have a feeling the cold along with wear and tear probably causes it to crack and it gets tossed. 

How does the plastic drain plug look? Is that damaged too?

These coolers are pretty easy to find here in Canada. I've had 3 or 4 myself (down to 1 nice one now) and see them come up for sale several times a year here where I live. There's also a matching 1-gallon water jug with the same colour.

Keep checking Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, etc. You'll eventually find one you can use for parts.
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Quite a common cooler. I put a complete one minus the tray out with a free sign on it last summer

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