Sportsman globe
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Was $19
Now $8
Services: Michael Merz Vintage Coleman Parts (board member) Possible source for heater radiants (Expensive, but ok if you only need one) POR-15 Tank Sealer Safe Rust Remover Site Britelyt Kerosene Lanterns CampingGaz Lanterns and stoves Kroil Penetrating oil EVAPO-RUST Thanks JanD) Independence Porcelain Enamel Show Quality Metal Finishing Suite case handles (replacements for the Coleman folding tables) Coleman USA Coleman Japan Coleman Canada


Neat Coleman Heater Radio Ad (40's or 50's?)  Terry Marsh Excellent Site on stoves and lanterns Kansas State info on 530 pocket stove,Kero Heater/stove group Lighting-Coleman (Japan or California site?) Shinzo’s site – Great 200A history page Very nice info on the KEROLITE Antique glass repair (maybe globes?) Keronsene Lantern Info Radioactivity of Mantles International Fuel Names How to clean/care for Porcelain Japanese Lightup 2 Spirit Burner Classic Camp stoves OilLampMan (also Petromax and Britelyt Parchment Shade makers? Another Parchment Shade source? Bulk Citric Acid Info on polishing,Info On Candle Power,Deems Burton’s Cool site Hytta Site

Field and stream article on Don Colston (cut/paste this link, thanks to John ? for the updated link)

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