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How many of you have experienced pressure loss after replacing the gasket on a three piece fuel cap?

I've done dunk tests on the last couple of lanterns with those fuel caps after replacing the gasket. The air hole on the side of the cap leaks pressure. If I tighten the fuel cap really tight it loses pressure slower but it still loses it.
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Me. I’ve got the same problem.
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Resurface the filler hole rim 
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Yup, been there. 

I'm pretty sure my punch was likely dull and gave me an imperfect cut causing a small divot in the gasket edge. Just keep trying, right?

Pancho may have a point as well. 
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Yeah I thought about doing what @Pancholoco1911 said too. I bet that would help with the seal.

I might look for an actual o-ring to use in the insert as well. Some of the o-rings I've seen at my local auto parts shop seem a bit thicker than the gasket I'm using. Maybe that would provide a better seal if Pancho's idea doesn't do the job.
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112 viton o-ring is what I use on the large 3 piece caps exclusively... I bought a 1000 of them awhile back ðŸ˜
Toby Garner
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I have had to carefully sand or file the filler hole rim with a very fine file due to rust or the rim being slightly rough.  You should be able to tell by feel if the rim of the filler hole is rough or smooth.  I have replaced the gaskets in all of my 3-piece caps, and they all seal well if they have a smooth surface to seal against.  Also make sure that you get all of the old gasket out of the insert when changing them.
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What Toby said. Buna is perfectly acceptable for the o-ring too.

O-rings, being round in cross section, deform much more easily, conforming to even a really rough filler bung. They take very little force to get a good seal, and seem to last plenty long enough. I've been using them for about three years and have yet to replace one.
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You're right on the Buna Timm. That is what I bought, I had forgotten.

Toby Garner
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I had a similar problem. I ended up taking a closeup pic and then put it on the monitor and blew it up. There was a small piece of crud that was still attached to the filler ring. Scrapped it off and everything was good after that.
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If the filler neck edge is rough, you might use something like a piece of 400 grit wet sand paper on a smooth flat block of wood to dress the edge of the neck until the neck edge is shiny.
I used a flat file on the opening of the filler.

I then removed the cap seal and scraped out the brass insert a bit better to make sure there was no small bits of crud.

It's now sealing perfectly. Thanks for the tips.
Shane Looking for the following Canadian birthday lanterns or lamps: 2-32, 6-34,

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