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Haven’t done much with my lantern collecting, seeing is how it’s lake season and all, but I had my dad in town, and thought we’d do a little shopping! Most of the stores are closed, and I was a little disappointed when the only one open, is the only one I’ve never found any lanterns in!

After about an hour of searching around, I found what I believe to be a real Christmas lantern (1951 date), and as we’re walking out with it, I see what I think is a quick lite, which has been hanging high in a window for what looks like years. After asking for a price on both lanterns, I quickly handed the man $30 and ran out of there before he could change his mind!

The Christmas lantern is missing its globe, pump and valve wheel, but its pretty easily restored into a nice runner. I’ve had one of these on my list for a while, and I was happy to get this one for $10.

The quick lite on the other hand, turns out not to be a quicklite. I believe what I have here is a 1925 LZ327? The valve wheel (fiber) is marked with a D. The mica and frame are shot, as is the valve wheel, but everything else looks pretty good for $20 

Does anyone have any leads on Mica and/or a D marked valve wheel? The rest of the lantern should clean up nicely! Both of them had fuel and were holding pressure when I bought them. I’ve snapped a couple of photos before I start cleaning. The 327 has the vent, just not on in the photo.

How did I do? Sorry about the rotation, can’t figure that one out.0622757A-464E-431D-9E0A-F14F9477EF44.jpeg  8BF050E7-9B30-4EE7-A971-C6CC7E93BD61.jpeg 
[welcome], Charles, from Pennsylvania! Nice finds, I think you did well.
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I apologize for that! Didn’t realize it was my first post! I’ve been reading here so often, it’s hard to keep track!

I’m Cody, located in Napa. started collecting last fall, by accident. I bought one lantern (1989 295, just for camping) and somehow wound up with 10 in under a year! Here’s the list thus far:

1925 LZ327
1935 Coleman 242A: (Original Pump system) 
5/1947 Coleman 220D 
11/51 Coleman 200a Christmas Lantern 
2/1952 Coleman 200a
1/1959 Coleman 228E
4/1963 Coleman 220E (dads bday lantern) 
1963 Thermos Mil-Spec
1/1971 Coleman 220F (Girlfriends granpa’s camping lantern he gifted me)
11/1989 Coleman 295 Powerhouse 

And also a 3 burner stove, and Otto Bernz Torch. I use all the lanterns all winter to light the house, and they all do rotations in my RV to light the campsite, the torch has started a lot of nice campfires, and the stove has cooked many meals!

You just set a record that can't possibly be broken. You get a big "YOU SUCK!!!" After your very first post. FYI, "you suck" is a good thing around here. By the way, welcome to the madness from North Central Indiana. I have 4 Christmas lanterns, but I've never found an LZ 327 or LZ 427 in my more than a decade of collecting. Congrats on a great score.
great finds that i have not found yet. welcome.
Well, Cody, you've already got a bunch of stuff that I don't.  You're well on your way...
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You’re doing great and welcome from Hawaii. Original mica occasionally pops up FS but many here have repros made by Fred Kuntz @440-352-9630. The fiber wheel shouldn’t be too hard to find. Open a WTB post here.
Welcome from Colorado. I've never seen either of those in the wild or even in person with someone I know. Congrats and take your time on the fettling.
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Thanks for all the kind words, and the "you suck!" I've been hoping to find something worthy for a while!

I posted a WTB for both the globe and wheel. I'd heard that Fred wasn't doing the globes so much anymore? I'll try and give him a call in a couple days pending WTB results.


That looks like a home run. Very nice finds for one trip. Welcome from NE Indiana.
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Nice day with dad.  Welcome from N California. 
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.
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Welcome from Texas. The fount on the LZ looks like it might clean up super nice. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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Thanks for all the kind words! 

I think the fount will polish out pretty well, no rust or dents on either fount or vent. I'm trying really hard to save these as winter projects, but caught myself working on the 327's vent the last couple of days. It had years worth of hard crusted dirt/mud, but a long soak and a little elbow grease and it turned out good as new!
Old mica has a classic look....how bad is it?? 

With a kind words and a gentle touch you can change a few of those mica panels if need be.
Unfortunately it’s really bad. This is the only photo I have on me, but there are maybe 2 decent panels plus the door. The frame is bent, twisted, rusted and broken. It’s too far gone for me for sure, but maybe when I source a new one I’ll post it up here if someone wants it?343A3913-D1A4-48A5-8615-A06739BE7519.jpeg 

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