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Hi all,


Here is my latest restoration, the Akron 121 G "Utility Lamp". This lamp has about the same burner assembly as on the 102 G lamp, but with a smaller font, handle and shade. 300 CP light output and gasoline fed burner. I'm not sure exactly when this lamp model was lunched but guess mid to late 20,s. This lamp is not that common as the Akron 102, and especially with the original shade.


I think this smaller type of table lamp was called for by the "market", to get a smaller, light weight portable table lamp easy to carry around in your home. There are similar size lamps made by other big American lamp companies at that time, end of the 20,s. You've got the Nulite 210 lamp and also the Nagel Chase Superlite 15W (Montgomery Ward) as examples of that, as you can see on the attached picture.


This lamp just needed some cleaning and worked perfect with two Peerless mantles.



…..before…..Akron 121 g lamp before.jpg 
…….and after……
Akron 121 g lamp lit.jpg  Akron 121 g lamp.jpg 

Akron 121 g lamp parts.jpg Akron 121 g lamp with burner.jpg 

Akron 121 g lampburner and shade carrier.jpg 
Akron 121 g lamp fuel  filler pump plug.jpg 
Akron 121 g lamp with shade holder.jpg 
Akron 121 g lamp fiber knob.jpg 

Akron 121 g lamp with mantles.jpg 

Akron 121 g lamp blue Bunsen flames.jpg 

Akron 121 g lamp lit mantles.jpg 

….side by side Akron 102 G....

Akron 121 g lamp with the 102 g Akron without shades.jpg Akron 121 g lamp with the 102 g Akron.jpg 

….Akron Utility Lamp together with the Nulite 210 Lamp and Nagel Chase (Montgomery Ward) Superlite 15W..

Akron 121 g lamp together with Nulite 210 and NC.jpg 
….an Akron ad from late 20,s …..

Akron 121 g lamp catalogue ad.jpg 

Very nice as always, Conny.
- Courtenay
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Saw an unfired 121G yesterday. Vendor was asking $350. 
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Wow .... That’s an awesome line up.  They all look so good with their shades.  I’m just a little bit envious.
Thank you for sharing.
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Absolutely beautiful.

Mike Weise

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Another fine restoration Conny, thanks for sharing it.  The lamp is very nice, but that shade is purely awesome!


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Finding and restoring the lamps that you do is amazing enough.

But then, you match them up with the original shades! Incredible!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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That plated fount Akron Utility lamp is very nice indeed, Conny. You have done a great job on the restoration. 
I have the blue and black trim painted version of the Utility lamp. They were also painted in orange and green, with matching coloured shades.
I recently found the correct Akron shade holder for mine, but I'm still looking for the correct painted shade for it. It should have the same shade as yours, but painted the same blue colour as the fount. 

Very cool restorations!  Well done!
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Thanks guys! Wow $350 for an unfired one; crazy prices these days! I was lucky to find an original shade, not many of them around, I believe.
Keith - These colored 121 lamps were very" modern" I think, in the 1930,s. Attached is an ad page for these colored Akron Utility lamps.
I don´t think Akron was aware of the change of the meaning of "Gay Colors", that would come, ninety years later 😉

Akron 121 g lamp in colours catalogue ad x.jpg 
Thanks for that information on mine, Conny. I sure like those bright colours. Akron went to a lot of effort to have matched painted shades for those three.
Yeah... I don't hold much hope of finding a correct shade for my blue 121, but you never know your luck.

I used to have the pink one in the middle of that ad.  The shade looked like a little wedding cake.  
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