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I have been noticing the huge auctions of collectable Coleman items. Does this effect overall value an/or prices. I saw on the inheritance show that some dude found a bunch of very rare baseball cards in Granny's attic. The House that handled selling the cards would only sell one at a time to try and maintain the high value. I understand as buyers you would like lower prices but as collectors it would be good for the value to climb (at least that's what you tell your wife). 
What I find odd is the things that they made tens of thousands of going for mega bucks because they're popular. Then something they may have only made a thousand of going for something I can afford ðŸ˜ supply and demand I guess.
Toby Garner
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All hobby’s have there quirks. People often confuse “rare” with “desirable” and that’s dictated by the masses. In my hit and miss engine collection I have a couple one of a kinds that just aren’t worth as much as some others that 2 dozen are known to exist.
Theres also a big difference between a collector driven hobby and an investment driven one. The collector car hobby is a good example of this. Just watch the trends of vintage cars, sports memorabilia or firearms. I guess the bottom line is collect what you like and are comfortable paying and be happy with your collection. The real prize is the people you meet in the process.
If a little is good, more is better, too much is just right
I would have been priced out of the collector car market. But I had mine before it was a collector car. Just because I liked it way back when.
Same with some of my collection. I have items that I would not be able to afford today. But years back they were obscure and cheap.
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