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It has been a crazy couple of weekends because it seems like I have been seeing a lot of Coleman lanterns at yard and estate sales. I was just wondering if any of the numbers or more specifically letters mean anything?  I have a Model # 295-746T, but when I research it the "T" is usually dropped off. Is their any meaning for the letter "T"?  Also, it is stamped 96 on the bottom.  Is that always going to be the year it was produced?  It looks brand new, never lit. Thank you.
I generally just refer to a lantern or stove by the first three numbers. In some cases, like the 200A-700, the last three tell me that it's the all-green version, but the year would do so also.

On newer lanterns and stoves, the year is stamped as two numbers. Older models had the year only represented by one number, usually on the left. On some models, that means you need to know the decade of production.

Lanterns began to be date stamped in '24. Suitcase stoves in, IIRC, '64.

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The suffix "T" was added in the 1996 catalog, and I have no idea why. There doesn't seem to be any change to the lanterns, they just added the "T" to a bunch of models. FWIW, the UPC code is the same as well. The ones that weren't given a "T" include the 629B700, 286A700, 226A700, most, but not all of the propane stoves (the 5428-700T Guide Series got the "T"), and the dual fuel stoves. Many other products got a "T" added to them. So there's more info than you ever wanted, I'm sure. 
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Thanks guys I appreciate it.  I know sometimes companies would sling out a string of production for Walmart and and change one digit on the model number. I am kind of glad this was not the case. I am really happy with it because I paid $5 for  never fired lantern and sold it for $60. I am not sure if it could have fetched more if I waited it out, but I have a lot of inventory right now. Sorry, I will sell anything I think I can make a buck on. But hopefully I made a collector very happy.  This is definitely in my wheelhouse though

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