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Quick Cal
So I was going through the local classifieds Sunday. Nothing new. Get a knock on the door and it's a friend with a 8/8 242c in his hand. He gave it to me for free. I think it will clean up ok.

So he sits around for about 1/2 hour. As soon as he leaves I get back on line.

What's this!!  A Coleman parts shelf, with jars, with parts in them!! OMG!! They only want $100!!

I replied instantly and said I'll take it. They said they sold it 5 minutes ago.

Well at least I got ANOTHER 242c,,,lol.

Please tell me at least one of you guys got this for $100. I keep watching the forum for someone to post it. But so far no one has. I bet it was that dang James or Russ,,,lol. Every time I think about it I get chest pains. I gotta just let it go.

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Owwww!   That one hurts.
Man, that sucks Cal. I know how it feels, I've missed some good stuff the same way before.
Cant beat a free 242C!
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I usually just miss out on the deals, no one has given me a consolation prize yet. I just figure if it's meant to be, it will be. Congrats on the 242!
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$100?  That's an eye popper fer sure.
- Courtenay
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