200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
A recent pickup that had an interesting wasp nest built inside of the collar.Cleaned up pretty decent for what it was.
lantern 2.jpg 

lantern3.jpg  69864361_2085665458407804_4873896554986995712_n.jpg  

Obviously,not the original globe but I got to fire it up and see it glow. Dated July,1929. I am happy with it for now. 70614523_518203162298872_6620509619393396736_n.jpg
Mister Wilson
I'd say it cleaned up really nice.  Enjoy.
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There's been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about.
Very nice. I love the old nickel.
Nice work, that’s a beauty!  Next time you need to share a picture of it glowing.  😉
Awesome job!! It cleaned up nicely. 
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Thank  you guys for the kind comments. I haven't used anything on this lantern other then oven cleaner and hand work as of now.I would like to be able to get the cage (not sure what the correct term is but I'm talking about the flat metal part below where the mantles set).I realize this will never be 100% nor do I care if it is,but I am debating on using a little CLR on it to see if it will do a little better then what I could do. Would this require me to take it apart? I would rather not do that because it is working as is,and i'm not big on digging holes I can't get out of. I've got some work on a 200a I gotta get done today,and I will work on the money shot with the slant. Probably going to hold onto her,because the odds of me scoring another with these circumstances are very slim. Thanks again for all the help and kind comments.
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