200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.


Slowly starting to get a chance to sort through some of the stoves I have. 

don’t often see the 3 burner in this size but it was otherwise in good shape 

good shape but burnt like garbage 
took the burners and drip tray all apart.
220 alum oxide along with a high temp silver paint and it was burner as good as new 

shame the previous owner had this in their metal scrap bin.


Nice job on that clean up. Stoves can be tough to restore. I actually just picked one up the other day someone was throwing out. 
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Nicely done.  I haven't seen a three burner propane stove before.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
That is really nice - first one I have seen.  

You did a beautiful job.
Bruce Sheehe
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Oh yes, much better now! Looks good 😎👍🏻

— L.J.
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VERY nice job on that; good to see someone else's junk made useful again.
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That textured aluminum is horrible for cleaning - the one they made with the chromed steel surface was *so* much easier to clean...
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