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Hi All,

I bought my first single mantle JC Higgins off a member here at the Gettysburg gathering last weekend and have had a rather tough time keeping it running decent. It would sputter, flare, lose pressure, go out and if it would run it would be very yellow and not that bright.  I bought some Peerless 24 mantles because I read in here these run good with them.  Still not any good luck.  So just on a whim I put some of my mower gas in it and like the title says it’s 93 octane with PRI-G stabilizer in it.  And low and behold, with out any other fettling she’s running bright and white?!?  Any one else see this with AGM lanterns?? 


You just got lucky.  
A lot of old lanterns just need to be run for a bit to get up to speed.  And/or whatever was plugging whatever finally came loose.

Looks good, one of my fav little lanterns
You may soon regret running that on gasoline, especially with the higher octane.  The higher the octane, the more additives in gasoline to slow down the burn for an engine.  Coleman or Crown fuel has very few additives and you wouldn’t want to run it in an engine with its more volatile 50-55 octane rating.

In the old days, gasoline was specified because it didn’t have near the nasty additives. Plus, generators for those were still in production at the time.

With it running properly now, I suggest that it’s a good time to switch to naphtha (Coleman or Crown fuel).

Nice looking lantern by the way.


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

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The Warrior
At least yours runs, haha. 👍

Guess you guys were right…seemed to be a well timed coincidence.  I let it run for awhile on the RUG and then dumped that and switched to CF.  Seems to be running good and white still!  Although slightly more yellow than the 200 I had running with it but I chalk it up to just being a different beast.  Again guess just an off timing coincidence.  Thanks for the input!

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