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In 1986 the wife and I found a three burner J C Higgens camp stove at a resale shop in Long Beach, CA. It didn't have a fuel tank so I got a propane adapter for it. It wasn't pretty but it did work very well and served us faithfully. Including camping out for nearly a month at Illinois State Beach while looking for an apartment when we transferred to Great Lakes after four years aboard USS Missouri. It sat in our attic for a bunch of years. Recently, our daughter asked to borrow it but was turned off by it's grungy look. She took our old Coleman instead. So, I took care of the problem. I disassembled it, stripped it, cleaned the burners and painted it. Rust-Oleum has a near perfect color match paint. Now, all I need to do is find a replacement decal.
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Robert W Lindel
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Wowser! Robert, that looks fantastic! Bet you won't be storing that in the attic now. Welcome aboard the forum.

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Hi Robert and welcome from western Mass. You did one heck of a job on your stove, very nice job. If you didn’t already, check with our host OCP. There is quite the decal section. Can I ask what color Rust-oleum paint matched your JC Higgens? 
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So while you are at it, its maybe time to find a replacement tank?

The stove came out great!
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Very nice job on your stove! It's nice to see some other colors besides green 🙂

Looks like OCP might have the decal you are looking for:


And, welcome to the CCF!

— L.J.
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