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D5E6360B-F1C6-443B-BDA3-4F1040A0EA6C.jpeg  I regularly fish here in NE OK but mainly go for catfish as they are ample and large. I’ve caught a few smallmouth but this doesn’t quite look the same. Whatever it is someone filleted it lol. I know the head it’s much to go by. Just about hooked it up to an 8/0 to see if any flatheads were around 😉
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Doesn't look like a smallie to me ...I'm not sure what it is .
it was fairly good sized too. There was an even larger head beside it. Complete, I would have guessed the larger specimen would have been 6 or 7 pounds(?) which seems quite large for the small river/big creek I was trying.
Logan, formerly known as Fester. (It means to rot)
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Fresh water drum? 


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Isn’t that some type of hybrid? I’m no fisherman but I caught something similar like that and was told it was a hybrid of something, can’t remember 
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Looks like a yellow perch. Note vertical stripe on rear/tail section. Also matches pics on Google search. perchx.jpeg 
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Not a smallmouth.

If it has nasty teeth it is a walleye.
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I'm seeing a Largemouth Bass.  Look at the depression just forward of the eye.  Smallmouth don't have that.  Northeast Oklahoma is native range for Largemouth Bass. 
illustration of a Largemouth bass


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It did have a bunch of nasty tiny teeth, but they were pretty needle like.
Logan, formerly known as Fester. (It means to rot)
Another vote for perch.  They do get rather large.  Just looking at the skin left behind and the slight hump behind the head, makes me think it’s a perch as well.  
Sickened (aka: dead) largemouth bass is my two cents.
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I vote for largemouth too.

The pivot point of the jaw on a smallmouth doesn’t extend past the fish’s eye.
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You can tell by the taste.

Largemouth Bass has a much stronger fishier taste.  Smallmouth Bass has a more subtle and mild taste.
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Gills and lower jaw are wrong for perch. Looks more like a large mouth.

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how long does one have to be dead before it’s considered archeology  and not grave robbery?

Yeah, the more I look at it, the more I’m thinking largemouth.  There’s another piece of skin with stripes in the pic which is confusing though.  Maybe a second fish.
Largemouth.  The mouth extends beyond the edge of the eye.  In smallmouth bass , the mouth does not extend past the eye.
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I agree with largemouth crowd. What threw me off is the size of these 2 fish and the relatively small river these were caught in. They would have been impressive specimens even in a large lake.
Logan, formerly known as Fester. (It means to rot)
Could be crappie, good eating if it is.
I'm not convinced that's either kind of Bass...
Please make a wise choice this November...
Looks like a Sauger to me (member of the perch family)

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