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It sounds like a comic book title but no persons were hurt. You all know Ironman but you don't know my nickname since I was 11 was Beasty or The Beast (yet another wonderful thing I can attribute to my 12 combined years in the Scouting movement) We met up for coffee and tea and spent an hour in a Tim's talking and when they closed up went out to the parking lot and showed off some stuff and talked for another two hours. Darrel was in for an auction and gave me a couple butane canisters he had won and I gave him a couple iron generators I had picked up as part of a lot at a different auction. We chatted about everything under the moon (it was dark out) including the Haying in the Thirty  Festival he is a proud part of in Mallaig, Albert. I'm going to check that out next summer if I can work it into my schedule. All in all it was a great evening, it was too bad covid has been shutting places down so early - nature was calling and I had make a run for home. And when the Ironman met the Beast there were no losers - it was a win-win!
ISO 6-56, 7-88, and 2-91.  Found a 1-91, it may be as close as I get.
Thank you to all servicemen and servicewomen, past and present.
My curious nature has gotten me into more trouble...
Canadian Blues Syndicate number 60!

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