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With my recent acquisition of a 222B, I have recently immersed myself in easi-lite valve o rings and the various issues, replacement o ring compositions and etc.  

I have seen many posts here commenting on how Viton works better at resisting heat, but is poorer in cold performance.  But based on these data tables, flourosilicone is not only far better in cold resilience but has a higher upper temperature limit.  About the only ways viton seems to do better than flourosilicone is mechanical wear resistance and compression resistance and only marginally.

Not sure it means much, but just thought it was interesting!



Both interesting and helpful, Chuck, thank you.
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I was familiar with Silicone and its poor resistance to fuel but flourosilicone Is new to me? Thanks. 
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When one flurosilicone O-ring cost around $2.75/pc., I'll stick with Viton. MUCH more for my money and they work. 


Viton can be purchased at 65Durometer so they 'squish' and seal better and the price goes up, of course. They are especially long lasting as fuel cap gaskets.
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I've perused some of that same data for both Coleman and brewery use. In the brewery, we do use some harsh chemicals for cleaning, and high temps, too. We use mainly EPDM in the brewery.

Comparing the differences between Viton and Buna-N, I usually stick with Buna for Coleman stuff.
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