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Lantern Junkie
Hi ...
I picked up a nice 242c today and I noticed a different kinda cap seal . 
This is all one piece with two tabs that folded over the outside of the cap to hold it in place instead of the normal screw . I tried to be gentle with the tabs but they both broke . 
On the underside it says 
   NO-ROLATE 1/4 
Anyone ever come across one of these or know the history ? 
Thanks very much.. Ernie
KIMG0129.jpg KIMG0130.jpg KIMG0131.jpg KIMG0132.jpg 
Lantern Junkie
You can also see the saw blade marks from the PO cutting the old screw that was probably seized stuck . 
My first thought/guess is that is some plumbing piece they created to work.
Same here, Keith. I think it's the gasket holder for a sink faucet.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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