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Hello All,

I am new to the coleman collector community and recently purchase a coleman 523 medical stove with carrying case.  Upon intitial inspection I discovered that one of the fuel valve body’s has been damaged and need to be replaced. Additionally, I am also in need of 2 fuel valve stem packing.  The ones that were in the valve disenagrated and looked like some kind of graphite? Any help? Thank you
Welcome to the forum from SE CT! The host of this site should have what you need. Click on the Old Coleman Parts banner at the top of the page...good luck! If not, you can post a wanted ad in the classifieds 
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i have worked on both and think the 520 burner is the same as a 523 , here are some 520 directions that show part numbers .the packing is common , i have some un identified valve that looks like it would work but has way too many fount threads , i tried :-) .... https://www.oldtowncoleman.com/manuals/520.pdf
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Thanks all,  Steve got me squared away with the parts I needed.  The fuel valve was able to be salvaged.  Lucky me 
Hello and welcome to the CCF, David.  Great to have you here.  Steve (and many others here) is just that kind of a guy.  Please post some pics of your 523 when you can.  We love pics!
- Courtenay
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Hi and welcome from western Massachusetts. Glad you were able to get the parts you needed. There is tons of knowledge here. Yes we do love pictures.! 
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Hello and thank you for the warm welcome. I am awaiting the part needed to get the 523 up and working. I’ll post some photos when it’s up and running.

Being a retired Marine, I am in the process of acquiring all the Mil Spec stoves. I have the lanterns and most of the stoves. I like to restore the products and use them.

Again, thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to learning more.

Semper Fi

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