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Any good stories of how your GPAs helped you after the winds?

I live in downstate Illinois (Central Illinois) and we had some strong gusts and trees blown over.  I didn't have any large limbs come down, but I did have some branches and plenty of sticks come down from the trees in my backyard.  Although I had power and could have turned on the backyard flood lights or set up some LED worklights, I opted instead to grab a 228F so I could continue working after the sun went down.   
I'm on the northwest side of Chicago and got very lucky because just 2 or 3 miles south of me there was damage and wide spread power outages. I wouldn't care except my mother who I am caregiver to, uses a special air mattress operated by an electric pump, plus the lack of AC or fans would have made things real tough. Our lights flickered once, but we never lost power.
On the far South side there are still some folks in the dark.
Of course I fired up lanterns anyway.
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I think because of a lack of news reporting of the derecho event that happened on Monday August 10th, many do not realize just how much damage was done in some areas!  There is some news coverage, but you have to search for it.  Cedar Rapids IA was hit very hard, with tens of thousands still without power.  Cell phone service is spotty at best.  Very few business are open.  Many lost most of their food. Estimates are that 10 million acres (one third of Iowa's) of crops are destroyed. and Cedar Rapids has lost 50-75% of its trees.  My Internet service was down for about 36 hours, but that seems like a very very small problem compared to what others are suffering right now!
Its always darkest before you light the Coleman lantern!
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we lost an oak tree on my grandparents farm, but i am in maryland so could not use a gpa to help. no rain and then this, tough to farm out there.
I was at ground zero of the Iowa Hurricane in Cedar Rapids.  No power for 7 days. 
My house became the central meeting spot for about 6 neighbors in our cul de sac. 
Not a stove collector but I had this gnarly stove in the garage that i got with a lantern. 
Had never tried to light it but it fired right up and we made coffee, bacon and eggs for the neighborhood every morning. 
In the evening our fire pit was the spot to watch the perseids meteor shower. 
Lit by my favorite KampLite RL23 and my bday 9/60 200A. 
Some interesting stats from Cedar Rapids.
Our county with about 250,000 population had no power for 24+ hours.  
Our house was without power for 7 days and 6 hours.  No cell service for 3 days. No Internet for 10 days.
Storm lasted 45 mins with 30 mins greater than 70mph and 15 greater than 90mph with top speed 140mph
First and only gas station opened on day 3. lines for blocks to get gas. 
I went through 4 chains and two gallons of gas in the chain saw and 16 gallons of gas in the generator. 
90% of homes and businesses had damage.
50% of the trees are down or will need to be taken down.
2600 utility poles were snapped. 
360 miles of utility line was destroyed in the county.
1500 additional utility crews came to assist the local power company.
Local power company estimated it would have taken 8 months to repair without their help.
Local power company said this was their most expensive storm repair in company history X 10 -- more than $100M
We lost 22 trees out of a possible 31 trees in our 7 house cul de sac.  
We had about an hour to prepare as earlier forecasts were 15-20% chance of scattered showers.
Our neighbor rode out the storm with him wife and two kids in his boat on a nearby 300 acre lake -- said there were 6 foot swells and he thought they might drown. 
My son has about a dozen trees on his fence, yard and house.  Estimates to remove the trees are about $40,000.
As of today, about 85% of the homes have power restored.
Nice to be back to near normal. I've since sold 7 lanterns to neighbors!
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Man sounds real rough. I had no idea any of this happened
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Looking for bday lanterns 8/38, 8/41, 
10/25, and 8/07

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Man sounds real rough. I had no idea any of this happened

search the interweb for Derecho Cedar Rapids -- pretty good videos that show the carnage.
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We had a derecho here about 7-8 years ago. We were without power for days and luckily no damage to our house. Others were not so lucky. A favorite trout stream of mine was completely blown out and in some places the streambed was changed dramatically.   We are close enough to the coast to be effected by hurricanes, not the sustained winds but definitely at tropical storm levels. The derecho was the worst storm I’ve seen, both here and growing up in tornado alley. 
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