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in stock.
Is anyone else having trouble opening items in the member area? When I click on something it used to ask for credentials. Now it just shows download pending but I can't find a way to enter credentials. Can't get anything to open. I know I reupped, I got the patch and new username/credentials. 
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I just logged in with no problems.
Steve    ICCC #1012

I just tried and got the sign-in box.

Around 30 minutes ago I just did a couple of software updates on the site, so you might have been unlucky to try in that time-window and hit one of the downtime moments.

Otherwise clear any cookies for intlccc.net in your browser and try again. You may have the old password cached or something mysterious like that.

If all else fails, turn the PC off and on - that's the standard support answer ðŸ˜‰
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