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I've come across about a quarter of my lanterns on the local Facebook for sale page here in my small hometown.  We are 100 miles from the nearest stop light, about 2500 people here.  So when things pop up there aren't a lot of people seeing posts, but enough to make me worried if someone else will beat me to them.  

So while I was at work my wife came across a post on Facebook with someone selling a few lanterns, so she comments that I would be interested, then she let's me know right away.  I checked the picture and I was really interested, so I messaged the seller and hoped she would hold them until after I got off work.  She said sure, and actually deleted the post before I even showed up.

She asked $100 for everything, which is more than I would normally give for these, but I didn't even bother trying to talk her down.  There is a 228f, 220h, 288, Canadian 222, 502 stove.  There is a propane century Primus also.  Couple of battery lanterns that don't really thrill me but she through them in too. Everything but the stove is in great shape, with minimal cleaning would almost be shelf queens. 

The lanterns are all full of fuel and all have brand new mantles, not even burned in yet, which makes me a little nervous if there are any spider nests plugging things up.

 Does anyone know of a thread material that you can use to restring the mantles that have already been tied on?

So I thank my wife for keeping an eye out for me, and not saying I have to many.

Thanks for looking.
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Nice score, Justin.  Keep searching.
- Courtenay
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Yes, With mantles that don't have the string left you can use a twist tie like from a bread bag. Plastic will melt and paper will burn but in the end the wire will hold the mantle. I've done it. 

Sometimes you can "untie" the old mantle thread with a dental pick. I've done that one before as well. 
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Yeah,  and USUCK too!  Great score and the wife is a keeper!
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Very nice! Looks like you made out just fine. Good catch by your sweetie  👍🏻

I’ve been lucky enough to un-tie a few mantles like Chuck mentioned above. Along with a pick, tweezers help too.

— L.J.
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Well done wifey I would say!

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+1 on the bread tie. Also that green wire like crafters and florists use works well too.
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Very nice bunch of stuff there, Justin! Good to know your wife helps with your hobby.  (I never found one, so have no clue.) I'm yet another who has used the twist ties on mantles.
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Great tip on using bread ties for the mantles. Maybe that's where the idea of insta-clip came from!  I would like to untie them and reuse the strings, but they were cut off to short.  
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That's a good deal for that group. Nice score.
A brown 222. Nice!
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Dang, you got me beat! It's only seventy miles from here to the nearest stoplight.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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