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With the amber globes, is it a special yellow tint they use that is heat resistant.
Yes, it’s certainly heat resistant.  I’ve never heard of one that peeled or discolored from the heat.
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Sorry too jump in here but along the same lines.  Do the amber globes needs to be cleaned in a certain way?  Actually, is there a product not to use?  I made the mistake of cleaning an expensive European "yellow" fog light once with windex and the coating came off the reflector.   So, how best to clean an amber globe? 
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Clean like any other globe. Color is baked into glass. You will not hurt it 
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The color is made by 'ion-implantation', I believe.  If i understand the process correctly, the colored ions are smooshed into the glass matrix by a vacuum sputtering process, then the glass is heated to form the desired color.
Just don't use green scotch scubbies on any globe.  They leave micro-scratches, and when you least expect it, they will fail leaving you to wonder why?  The etching compromises the borosilicate (Pryex) glass.  The green ones also scratch off cast iron seasoning, FYI.

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