200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

About a year ago a guy at work asked me to fix up a red 200A for him to take ice fishing.  
Apparently I did too nice of a job and he has left it as a shelf queen. A few weeks ago he told me if I find a couple of nice user red 200As that he would take them. 
A couple of weeks ago I found a lantern FS in IN on FB Marketplace. 
I drove down and picked it up. Turns out the seller is a forum member here. Semi new collector but he has very discriminating taste . He is going to fit in well on the forum as well as our Michiana collectors group. 
As I was driving home I remembered the guy at work wanted a couple of more lanterns so I had to make a return trip. 
I serviced the pumps, replaced the filler cap gaskets and added ice fishing worthy Made In China globes.
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Greg, i think your buddy now has 3 shelf queens......lol

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Kansas John
Geez!  Those are nice!
John M. Lawrence, KS
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Looking for a 214 kero and REI single burner anniversary stove as well as any Coleman born on date 10/77, 1/80
The Warrior
Very nice.
That's what I love best about this hobby, putting these light machines back into service!
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Bumpkin 95
Compared to the only 200 I found in the wild. Those are near mint lol. Those  will look good at a ice fishing shack.
  • Lee
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  • Like a lantern just hanging out
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Yeah, you keep looking and eventually you'll find a fishin lantern
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Hope it gets cold enough to ice fish this year!
Sandman wrote:
Greg, i think your buddy now has 3 shelf queens......lol
Cosmetically I didn’t do anything to these lanterns other than adding the MIC globes. These weren’t $8 lanterns either 
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Mister Wilson
You put vintage Peerless on them also.  Sam Blank once told me that if the green band at the top has turned that tan color, there's a good chance they are thorium.
H.C. Lanterns dealer
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Looking for 6-56 and 6-58 Birthday lanterns.
There's been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about.

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