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I just wanted to share how one can use Google to search any website.

This is usually (but not always) more effective than using the site's search function. 

Open up another window and go to Google - http://www.Google.com

In the Google search window type in; "site:www.colemancollectorsforum.com/" without the quotes.

This search will return all results for the site, now roughly 77,200 results.  

Note that Google is now only showing you results from the colemancollectorsforum.

If you then add what you want to search for in front of site... (with a single space separating the search term from the site name) you will only get what Google finds for the site that matches that term.


For example;

Help site:www.colemancollectorsforum.com/

Google will now return to you roughly 16,900 results with "Help" in either the subject or the thread of the CCF forum.

Example using a user's name;

HardCharger site:www.colemancollectorsforum.com/

This search will find all of my posts which are roughly 24 at the time of this writing.

Example using a part number;

200-6381 site:www.colemancollectorsforum.com/

This search returns roughly 42 posts that contain that part number from this forum.

Example using a unique number;

72243 site:www.colemancollectorsforum.com/

This search returns roughly 2 posts that contain that number from this forum which appears to be related to a Sears Lantern.

Note that I mention the number of posts "roughly" as the count will change as we all contribute to the forum and push that number up. 

This will work for all sites;

For example;

Coleman Lantern site:www.bobistheoilguy.com/

One last note;

Try to be as specific as possible with the term you use and try to keep the term as unique as possible. In other words Lantern may not be as helpful in the search as 200A. Using 200A Check Valve narrows the results even further.

Lantern site:www.colemancollectorsforum.com/
Returns 35,000 results

200A site:www.colemancollectorsforum.com/
Returns 8,880 results

200A Check Valve site:www.colemancollectorsforum.com/
Returns 1,790 results


I hope that this helps the forum, good luck in your search! :-)

Thanks to you all, there is a ton of great information here to help one be successful!
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