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I've seen most of the threads on this topic so I thought Id write a little tutorial...

As an eBay Power-seller these are the tips I can give that will help easily resolve your problems with an eBay seller..

Best advice I can give any eBay buyer is:

BUYER BEWARE!  (Seller beware too).


 Follow the instructions stated in the listing. This tip will make your buying experience go much smoother.

Every buyer should know:

Never let your emotional state determine your actions.

Never Leave a Feedback until AFTER the entire transaction is totally completed. Only then will you have a true grasp of the total experience. Buyers have 45 days from the date of completed sale to leave a feedback comment.

ONLY pay for your purchases with PayPal. eBay owns PayPal. They are tied together at the hip. If you call eBay customer support they can even transfer you to a PayPal rep and vice verse. PayPal guarantees your purchase to arrive in the same condition advertised by the seller. This is their standard Buyer Protection Program. It applies to every eBay item that gets paid through PayPal. In some categories sellers are bound by eBay policy to provide shipping insurance included in the shipping price. If a seller doesn’t offer insurance, ask for it. Be prepared to Pay For It. UPS has $100 insurance included in the purchase price. If you want extra, pay for it. With USPS, insurance must be added to the cost of shipping. With both carriers, figure $1 extra, per hundred dollars of the cost of the item.

Current eBay policy says a seller can’t leave a buyer a Neutral, Negative or a Retaliatory Positive feedback. It can’t happen, the option for neutral and negative is not even there for a seller. If a seller leaves a nasty comment with a Positive feedback, contact eBay and the comment simply gets removed and only the positive mark remains. Because of this the buyer has inherent leverage on the seller. The seller already knows this. So, there is no need to state it in a threatening or angry message. If they deserve it, they will know when to expect it. So, never threaten any feedback. If a buyer does threaten, they can report you to eBay and they will say that’s it is extortion.  

If an item arrives in any condition other than expected (i.e. broken):

Immediately Contact Seller – Most good sellers have a phone number listed. It is located on the Transaction Details Page (available in your My eBay tab) or On the listing itself. If they don’t list a phone number, make sure to INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND REQUEST THEIRS in your very first message. It is much faster and easier to resolve an issue on the phone.

If you want to get their listed phone number even faster: Click “Advanced”  right of the “Search” button located on the top, center of every eBay page. Then, left side of the Advanced Page under the MEMBERS section is a “Find Contact Information” link. Fill out the form and eBay will send it to both parties registered email. You get theirs, they get yours.

Messaging - Explain problem and ask how the seller expects to resolve the problem in an acceptable and timely manner – Wait for their reply (per eBay policy they have 2 days to respond to any message)

Don’t like what the seller says? Open a dispute through eBay. A Dispute gives you a direct line of communication. The seller only has 24 hours to respond to dispute messages.

Slow responses or unsatisfied with the answers given? Contact eBay on the phone. Click the “Customer Support” tab at the top, right of every eBay page. Search for “Contact eBay” and follow the links. A rep will help you.

In the vast majority of cases, when you open a dispute eBay/PayPal will freeze the transaction money in the sellers PayPal account. With a frozen transaction they can’t run with the money. If they already spent or deposited it, PayPal charges their bank account or credit card for that amount and holds it in escrow until the issue is resolved.

Negotiation with the Seller:

No matter how bleak the situation, be willing to work with your seller to resolve the problem.

Request of the following – Full or Partial Refund

Full Refund = You want your money back. Send it ALL Back. Use their shipping container. This includes any broken parts. Don’t throw away the box, packing or parts until the transaction is complete and you are satisfied.

Partial Refund = Negotiate a discount. Show estimated repair/replacement part cost. Be prepared to show a web link for the part or an estimate receipt from a business, with a phone number and address. Once again, don’t throw away the box, packing or parts. The seller may request that you keep the good part and send the broken part back. Maintain contact with the seller until the transaction is complete and you are satisfied.

The Sellers Refund/Return Policy including return shipping is ALWAYS clearly stated in the Listing. Some sellers will pay the return shipping, some wont. If the seller won’t, in most cases eBay/PayPal will. PayPal credit your account for the return shipping charges. Keep your receipt and call them. UPS has a tracking number embedded into a shipping label. USPS does not. If you purchase your return postage at the post office ALWAYS USE Green Bar Code Tag Delivery Confirmation. If the item is very expensive make them sign for it with a Pink Tag Signature Confirmation. I digress, keep your receipt, eBay/PayPal will need you to show proof that you sent it back, cost of return shipping and when it arrived at the sellers location.

When the item is returned the seller has 72 hours to refund your money. If they don’t, eBay will just award it to you at the end of the 72 hour term.

When in doubt or all else fails, Call eBay. They will handle the problem.
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