200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
With help from the members of the board I decided to convert this Triple Burgandy RL2 Kamplite by AGM to run on a standard Coleman 220 generator.
You will need a Dremel, a 1/16 drill bit, a Coleman eccentric block as a guide, and a pump rod.

Comparison of the eccentric blocks:

The AGM eccentric block is the same size as a standard Coleman pump rod.  Cut it to length.  I decided to drill a 1/16 hole FIRST then cut the top notch.  I then used the original eccentric block as a guide for the tip cleaner notch. In order to not go too deep I put the rod in the vise and ground out the notch.  It was over in seconds

When you are done you will have this:

Two shots of a nice bright lantern. 

Thanks to Curtludwig and scouterjan.

1928 L-220 "Slant" from Russ
1919 Air-O from Jerry
500 Speedmaster

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