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Information shown here was provided by Ed Toner from the Coleman Co.

I submitted a question to Coleman regarding an instruction manual for a 1979 Model 513A catalytic heater and received this along with a PDF for the manual I was attempting to find. 
I found the information useful and thought I would share:

Cleaning the heads

On Coleman Fuel Catalytic Heater



This is to help you to try to get longer use from your Coleman catalytic heater if possible. From the description the head assembly of the heater is dirty and needs to be cleaned. You will need to purchase some denatured alcohol from a paint store, or Hardware store.  Then follow instructions to clean the domed head of your heater.


1)  Pour one cup of denatured alcohol over the head in an “X” style fashion.

2)  Light the heater head and burn off the denatured alcohol.  The denatured alcohol burns hotter than Coleman Fuel® and will help to burn off any impurities. 

3)  Let completely cool and then reapply denatured alcohol to the head assembly.  Make another "X" opposite the last one (this will allow the whole head to be cleaned.

4)  Let completely cool again then, fill the heater with Coleman Fuel® and turn upside down until a half-dollar shape of fuel appears in the center of the heater head.



PLEASE NOTE ***** This procedure must be done outside, as the heater will have a high flame while burning the alcohol off.


You can also extend the life of your wick assembly by cleaning the wick with carburetor cleaner.  Once you disassemble the heater, you need to place the wick in carburetor cleaner and let it soak overnight.  Wearing rubber gloves, knead the wick to loosen the old fuel.  If the wick is not pliable, it is unlikely that it will pull fuel up to the heater head.  

Ed Toner - Acworth, GA
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