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I knew from the get go that dealing with this person on ebay was going to be risky business. The listing was for a '1984 Coleman Fuel CLX Adjustable Model 290 Gas Lantern 2-Mantle w/ NOS Mantles.' Here is what was pictured on ebay. 

As you can see it shows two different lanterns and the first photo shows a smaller lantern off to the side. The description said '1984 Coleman Fuel CLX Adjustable Model 290 Gas Lantern 2-Mantle w/ NOS Mantles. Condition is Used. Bid if for this lantern I also have a smaller one available that is an adjustable two mantle 1986 can combine if interested.'

So I won the bid for $32.30 shipped and sent them a message asking about the additional lantern. Also asked for a photo of the NOS mantles but that was never answered nor did I receive any NOS mantles. 

They replied 'its a smaller lantern and I could have both for $40 shipped.' They didnt know how to send me an invoice with the corrected amount so they canceled my order and had me bid on a listing for $40. Stated that had just gotten out of the hospital and was sick... 

I asked them to please package the globes well as they commonly get broken in shipping, they said 'ok.'

Here is how the lanterns arrived yesterday. They wrapped the globes in plastic and laid some ripped up fabric in the box. How are the globes intact?!

The picket fence globes are my favorite for some reason. The 288 appears to have been taken on 1 camping trip and was put up, only a few scratches on the fount. The CLX looks good aside from several chips in the vent. Chips in a vent ruin a lantern for me, personal pet peeve I suppose. Hoping the collar cleans up but the coating may be burned. 

Luck happens.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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WOW ... the shipping gods were smiling on you .... i like the picket globes as well.

Perhaps UPS ad FexEX are not seeing how far they can throw a box marked "glass" or "fragile".  UPS delivered my phone yesterday, they actually knocked on the door.  When my four brake rotors and pads came, they actually wheeled them in my garage.  (one box 85 pounds).  You never know....
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What Timm said.  Glad it worked out.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
Agree, glad it worked out. Fingers crossed, waiting for six 200 globe$ currently, taking some comfort in the fact I'm dealing with an experienced shipper. He insured the package. Will see what happens😥
You got a good deal for $40. He picket fence globes are my favorite, too. Well done!
Dennis in Ventura, CA
Come on. He gave you the shirt off his back for shipping.  Give the man a hand
G.B. Harp
You are quite lucky indeed
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As noted previously,was waiting for 6 globes,arrived today intact.(sigh of relief here) individually bubble wrapped in a box encased in styrofoam peanuts, I would say I dealt with a shipping savvy vendor.
Great deal - two picket fence globes and two free lanterns! 
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Must not have written "fragile" on the box, is probably what saved you.
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