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Hi Everyone,
I just signed up and thought I would introduce myself.  I'm a teacher in Albuquerque, NM (USA) who loves outdoor activities.  Like many of you, I first used a Coleman lantern as a child while camping with my family.  Within the past several years I have started to gather a few miscellaneous lanterns just because I think they are cool.  I don't really consider myself a collector yet, but I can see how the evolution could easily happen to me.  I do already have a small collection.  Here they are:
IMG_8344 (2).jpeg  IMG_8349 (2).jpg  IMG_8350 (2).jpg 
Not all Colemans, as you can see.  Regardless, I guess many people would say I already am a collector.  The next step for me is to start learning to refurbish these beauties.
Nice to be here.  Looking forward to interacting with you knowledgeable folks.
Pat Florence
Welcome from Colorado, Pat!  Hate to break it to you but from the looks of it, you are a collector!  😁  Not a stovie yet but a collector nonetheless!  Great place to hang out.
Hello from NZ, and I agree with Mark.... that certainly looks like a collection 🙂
There's plenty of refurbishment info here to search and the experienced good folk will happily answer any questions you have.
Have fun!

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What you got hiding in the shelf to the far right? Almost looks like a quicklite with a red fount.... Oh and welcome to the forum from SW Missouri
Toby Garner
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Welcome from western Massachusetts! Well, you’re sure off to a great start with some nice pieces there. Do I spy a USFS in the mix?!

— L.J.
Looking for 10/2015 & 1/2020 B-Day Lanterns
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Hi Toby and L.J. ~ Not really sure what any of them are except the model 143 lamp. I was researching what it is and how a globe might work with it when I discovered this group last night.  But you've both got good eyes!! The one on the right has a red fount with USFS embossed on it  and "1958" plus some other stuff on the bottom.  The part above the fount and below the globe (sorry, but my vocabulary isn't quite there yet) says "Coleman Quicklite" on it with the lettering created by holes in the metal.

Pat Florence
I didn't post a picture of this one earlier because it sits on a table next to my shelf full and it's not a Coleman.  I think it is my only other one...  It is a Solar?  I'd never heard of that brand before I saw it, but it has "Solar" written on it in many places.  I think it's pretty neat!

Pat Florence
Your USFS is many a collectors holy grail. Awesome collection so far👍 don't let that one get away.
Toby Garner
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Hello and welcome to the CCF, Pat.  Great to have you here.  Those are some nice lanterns.
- Courtenay
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Welcome on Southern Ontario, Canada. This is place to be for Coleman! 
Looking for birthday model 10-54. Not any more!
Hi Pat and welcome from western Massachusetts! You have a nice start to a collection for sure! 
Looking for Bday lanterns, 10/83, 11/84 and 10/2011.
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Welcome Pat from Ohio. I agree with everyone else. You qualify as a collector. 
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Welcome from CA. Great lanterns you have there; Solar brand is made in China and for more info on them take a look at Classic Pressure Lamps AKA CPL.
Looking for B-Day lantern 9/83, 7/85

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Welcome from the Crystal Coast.  Yup, you're a collector, and this place is chock full of enablers.  Time to start building more shelves and finding places to hang lamps and pile stoves. 😎
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[welcome], Pat, from Pennsylvania!  Nice start to a collection there, especially that USFS lantern.
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Welcome from Hawaii! Don’t let anyone here try to talk you out of the USFS.😄 (It was made in the 1930’s; the 1958 date is probably a repair/service date.)
More than two is collection -- check the rule book!  Ok, there is no rule book.
Richard (KC native and KU Alumni living in Maryland)
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Wow!!  I think some “collectors “ would be jealous of a few you have. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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25 502s wrote:
Wow!!  I think some “collectors “ would be jealous of a few you have. 

Count me in 😁
Looking for B-Day lantern 9/83, 7/85

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Welcome to the madness from North Central Indiana. Nice collection so far. I'm one of those guys mentioned above that's jealous of the U.S.F.S. lantern. If love to fine one some day.
Welcome to the forum from north Jersey,


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USFS and a 243 are a heck of a good start collecting. Welcome from NE Indiana.
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Welcome from Victoria, Australia. A very fine and varied collection. The Chinese lantern seems to be marketed with a variety of names and all pretty much the same. I left one in a shed with some moisture and it started getting spots of rust on it really quickly. Keep it polished.
Iain Sedgman
Holy smokes you have a nice collection for not calling yourself a collector! The USFS is awesome! Welcome from Canada 

Coleman Quick Lite Crew #048

 Anyone have a 6/95 birthday lantern?
Happened to me too  I was in denial but had to admit I was a collector after my wife started counting them.  You have a nice assortment of lanterns.  Welcome from Tennessee.
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pflo wrote:
........Within the past several years I have started to gather a few miscellaneous lanterns just because I think they are cool.  I don't really consider myself a collector yet, but I can see how the evolution could easily happen to me.  I do already have a small collection.......

If just because you think they are cool and if you have more than one......then believe me your a collector.

By the way welcome to the forum and big HOWDY from South Central Texas!  [howdy]

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Thanks for all the welcome words everyone.  I do, indeed, feel welcome.  It looks like I've got to start working on one or two of these so I can get used to all the parts and how they go together.
Pat Florence
That USFS is rarer than hen's teeth. It's very old 1925-1930 or so. It might have a date on it but I don't know if you could see it with the red paint on it. I think they only made 1,000 or so of them but somebody else could tell you how many were made. Don't be surprised if you get some private messages offering to buy it from you.

You might look on this web site old coleman's part store and search for the coleman book. It would be worth it to get. You would find it very interesting as it has the history of most of the Coleman lanterns and stoves except the new ones

Your collection is outstanding,  Very very few of us can say our beginning collection had something exceptional. Congratulations.
Wow you have some awesome pieces in your "collection".  Don't let others talk you out of those amazing lanterns.   The 243, JC Higgins single mantle, USFS quicklite and a couple of the other ones are definitely harder to find lanterns and great finds to have in your collection.  Welcome to the forum from Idaho.

Welcome from California. Your USFS lantern is considerably older than 1958.
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Welcome from Southern Arizona 
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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72

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