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For those of you who are out west..

I have a group of 20 guys that fish offshore with a couple times a year for the past 25 years.

We charter a boat called Pegasus, great Captain and Crew.  
Saturday night we headed out and were advised it has been a tough year and to expect to just catch yellowtails.

As expected we had a long slow morning and then Mr Bluefin showed up, the photo with my son shows the size of the fish that showed up.  As we expected yellowtail he was fishing 20 pound test.

 If you are inclined to get on a boat in San Diego, there are prettier boats but NOBODY does more to catch fish than Jason and his crew.
We all limited. GO GET SOME!   

This is how my son and I fill our freezers every year. 

Best part is I am heading up tomorrow to the John Muir wilderness to hike and fish for trout and go places a cell phone wont work until the first week of September.
Great fun,  052DF2D4-71CF-49EF-8A64-AE73E99E097F.jpeg  0275972F-3D6C-4CD3-9B93-946565AB7D65.jpeg 

ya , they been KILLING em lately !!!
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
Nice catch. That should feed you for a bit.
Yellowtail or yellowfin tuna?

The blues look great! Wicked tuna!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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OH, I'm a fan of fresh tuna ever since we went to Hawaii (poke!). Great catch. 
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