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What is the significance of the large logo vs. the small logo?  I suspect one is more rare than the other, but I don't know much about cast iron collecting but figure I better learn.
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I thought this was going to be Christmas Vacation trivia!

Everything I know about CI came from here...a website where people collect dumb old objects and then share pictures and stories about them...sheesh!

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My knowledge of Griswold is somewhat limited but I believe this to be true, the large logo is early cast iron the small logo is late cast and then the logo changed when Wagner bought them. I'm not sure what the logo change to when that happened.

Try this website they have lots of good information.

Greg,  KN4JZZ wtb 6/11 grandson
+1 on what Sailman said......large logo is older......here is another good site

I did not know that WAG site, thanks Greg (Sailman).  I did know about castironcollector, though.  I've been a member in their forum for a while.  Like Greg (Gand28) said, I learned all I know about CI there.

Logos are the best way to properly date a piece. Unlike our lanterns, they don't stamp a date on 'em.
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