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Hello everyone! My name is Rich. I'm 40 years old and I'm originally from upstate New York. My Dad took me camping and fishing a lot when I was young and I remember all the quality Coleman gear he had. I go camping with my friends every year and recently finances allowed me to invest in my own camping gear for the first time.

I was in a Coleman outlet and saw one of their new kerosene lanterns and liked the idea of a lantern using old school gas instead of propane or batteries. So I started reading about lanterns, learned the inspiring history of Coleman, and decided I had to have an authentic, old school dual-mantle lantern.

So I got a tested 220K for $57 including shipping on eBay, watched a YouTube video about how to clean it, got some mantles and some Coleman Fuel, and first try? Didn't light. But I persisted, and with the help of this forum, I figured out that I had bent the tiny piece of metal at the top of the generator, bent it back into shape, and I got it working! At first one mantle was brighter than the other, but then I remembered to try using the cleaning lever, and when both mantles lit up super bright for the first time, I was so excited! It was a really rewarding moment.

So thanks for this great forum. Browsing around the last week has really helped me develop my understanding of how these things work, which I think was important for me to master lighting this thing all on my own without any one-on-one help. 🙂
Welcome to the forum Rich, from SW Missouri. Glad you got your K up and running good! Now if you can just master posting pictures via the forum ðŸ˜
Toby Garner
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Welcome to CCF. Wonderful people here with a lot of knowledge about Coleman. U will hear this quite often " build a lot of shelves " as you will need them for your collection.
Looking for birthday model 10-54. Not any more!
great to have you.
Well done, Rich.  Welcome from NC.  Great to have you here on the CCF.
- Courtenay
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Hi Rich! Welcome aboard, from western Massachusetts. The Ks are great runners, you’ll enjoy it. Now you need a nice little red one to go with it.  😉

— L.J.
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Welcome from Wyoming. Lots of smart guys here willing to help. Nice that you worked through your lantern by reading old posts.
Kind of like finding the answer to a math problem in the back of the book.
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steve p
Welcome from Illinois.  Lots of great people here that are always ready to answer  questions.

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Welcome to the forum.


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

I've missed you!  But I'm reloading.
Welcome To the forum from Queensland Australia.
I’m looking forward to your future posts.
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Welcome from Southern Arizona 
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Lanterns are like tools. 
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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
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Welcome aboard from the Tar Heel State.
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Welcome Rich!
 Coleman gear of your youth exists still , and can still get the job done as well as ever.
Some of mine reminds of pleasant outings of the past when using it. And some outings it was quite important to have top notch gear too.(!)

Purty colors. Well , cept'n maybe that brown when it's on fire...
Welcome to the forum from Colorado! And . . . congratulations on getting your old-school lantern to work properly.
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IMG_0025.jpg  IMG_0029.jpg IMG_0031.jpg

The second picture was before I used the cleaning lever, when one mantle was burning brighter than the other one. The last pic is after I used the lever and got both mantles burning bright. 🙂
Welcome to the forum... Boy you messed up now, there's no turning back.
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NICE WORK!  Welcome from Leavenworth, KS!
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Job well done Rich! Welcome from Washington! Now you can start looking on Craigslist, offer up, yard sales, estate sales, antique shops etc. The madness has begun! 
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Welcome from Saskatchewan!
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Welcome from Chicago. That's a nice looking 220K.
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Psst! Rich, well done on the lantern but now you need a stove. Oh yeah build some shelves. Make room in the garage.... welcome from an ex NYer soon to be ex Californian.

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[welcome], Rich, from Pennsylvania! That "K" looks really good, quite nice and bright.
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Nice job getting it up and running bright!  And it looks to be in real nice condition as well.  Welcome to the forum, Rich.
Hello Rich and welcome to the forum from Ohio. That’s a real nice 220 for sure. You’ve come to the right place for information and help. I suggest also going through past posts and looking at these guys collections. One word. Incredible!! And four words. You will be amazed!!

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Welcome to the forum from down in Maryland. 
Richard (KC native and KU Alumni living in Maryland)
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Another welcome and well done from NC.  All of us here have felt that satisfaction of getting the first one running. I see a hole in a mantle in one of your pics, be careful running the lantern with that holey mantle.  The hole will act like a flame jet and will super heat whatever it’s pointed at.  If it points at the glass it may break it, if it points at the gen tube it may warp it or worst case burn a hole in it and then you got a problem.
Rob in NC
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Another welcome for Eastern North Carolina! 
Well, it sounds like you've been bit pretty hard. 
You might as well start building shelves right now for all the lanterns you'll be getting in the future.
Welcome to the obsession!
Dubblbubbl wrote:
Another welcome and well done from NC.  All of us here have felt that satisfaction of getting the first one running. I see a hole in a mantle in one of your pics, be careful running the lantern with that holey mantle.  The hole will act like a flame jet and will super heat whatever it’s pointed at.  If it points at the glass it may break it, if it points at the gen tube it may warp it or worst case burn a hole in it and then you got a problem.

Rob, I think I may have good instincts, this was going to be the topic of my second post (I was going to search for the topic first though)! Ok so there should be no holes in the mantles. Are there any methods for avoiding holes when pre-burning them?
Only recommendation would be to handle very carefully.  The new Coleman 21A mantles seem to be prone to holes, I have switched over to using the Peerless 2C-HG mantles sold from our sponsor, Old Coleman Parts.  I only use the Colemans if I’m doing a sacrificial burn where I know I’m going to be taking them off.  I have not really figured out how to keep the Colemans from holing, and I’ve noticed that once they’re burned in they are very fragile.  Older Silklites, when you can find them, are very good, but they don’t make them anymore, I have a short supply of silkies that are just for lookin’ at.
Rob in NC
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Sometimes we are the windshield, Sometimes we are the bug...
Welcome to the Forum East Tennessee.

Welcome from SE CT! +1 on the mantle discussion. After burn in, try starting lantern with low pressure to get them to shape. Then you can get it up to pressure. 
I will agree that the newer mantles tend to get holes.
Where in NY? My dad grew up in Averill Park

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Hello and welcome from NZ, that's a great looking lantern and you know it well now having got it sorted right.
As already suggested, get a Coleman stove to go with it and then bask in the admiration of your camping friends as they appreciate Coleman's timeless durability. 
And I'm betting that there'll be a conversion to Coleman amongst them, my 4x4ing mates thought I was mad.... but after only 1 year they've all nearly swapped over now🙂

Living and learning in NZ
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Welcome Rich , I'm new here as well and the information and sharing of ideas and helpfulness from these people is unbelievable!  Your first purchase is a beauty!   I too want to know from where in NY you are from....I am in St.Lawrence county. Take their advice here. ....start building shelves...
What's the lowest you'll take for this lantern?                                                

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I’ve yet to use new Coleman mantles and NOT get a hole in them. I did learn that burning a lantern with a hole in a mantle will crack the globe.  Not sure why but it will. 
Welcome from Georgia!!  Nice looking lantern.  It's always a happy time when they light and burn bright!!  Now you need a stove (or two) to go with!!!
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Welcome from NE Ohio!  You're in good company here on the forum as well as in your home state.  There are lots of great New York Coleman collectors whom I'm proud to call my friends. 
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